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We can’t wait to welcome CCBC Alumni back to the Murrieta Hot Springs campus!

Registration is required to enter the property.

You are welcome to bring others with you, however, they must arrive at check-in WITH you to receive their day pass.

Check-in is at 10am.

Lunch will be served.

*Due the the Conference Center being closed, overnight stay on campus is not available.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Students from 1996-2005 : May 15th @ 10am

Students from 2006-2014 : May 22nd @ 10am

Students from 2015-2021 : May 29th @ 10am 

You are not required to attend a specific day, but since the majority of students would like to reconnect with others, these guidelines will help make that possible.


  • Jennifer Watson

    Maiden name: Jennifer Hicks

    March 10, 2021
    • Hi Jennifer, If you are trying to sign up for the Alumni Tours, you will need to sign up through the form above!

      March 12, 2021
      • Jennifer Watson

        Oops yes I was. Sorry 😆. Can you delete my comment? I’m not seeing an option for that.

        March 18, 2021

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