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Pastor Brian Brodersen of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa explains the church’s decision to list the Murrieta Hot Springs campus for sale, and the plan for CCBC to move to its original Twin Peaks campus near Lake Arrowhead if the sale of MHS moves forward.

Frequently asked Questions:

Is CCBC closing its doors to on-campus students? No. If the MHS campus is sold, the Bible College will relocate to a new residential location. The sale of the MHS campus would mean a relocation for the Bible College, not a closure.

Will I be able to complete my degree in person? Yes. We are not planning to become an online-only College. A full in-person residential experience is our goal for a new location.

Will the new campus be in Southern California? Yes. We are seeking the Lord for a future campus for CCBC located in Southern California.

Will tuition / fees be changing? Tuition and fees will remain the same through June 2021. Our goal is to keep CCBC affordable for all students, with minimal increases each year. (

Will there be a Fall 2021 semester? Yes, but the location is contingent on the sale of the MHS property. We will provide more information when it is available.

When will Fall enrollment start / end? We are currently receiving applications for fall 2021, and will continue doing so until August 15th, 2021. The fall 2021 semester will begin with Arrival Day on August 30th, and students will pre-register for classes during the week before arriving on campus.

When will acceptance letters be sent out for the Fall 2021 semester? Applications are currently being processed and accepted! When your application and references are received, you can expect to receive a decision within two weeks.

When will the Fall 2021 semester start and end? August 30th – December 17th

Does this affect the accreditation process? Our accreditor ABHE ( has requested to be periodically updated on the progress of the sale and our relocation planning, but a relocation does not have a direct impact on accreditation. Schools are allowed to move locations during the accreditation process.

Does the campus move affect Affiliate campuses? No, the relationship between CCBC and its affiliates should not be affected by a relocation. We love our Affiliates and look forward to collaborating with them in the future.

Do students still need to do 25% of their credits directly through CCBC? Transfer of credit policies are not affected by a relocation. At least ¼ of the credits for any program need to be completed directly through CCBC (main campus, Online, or Costa Mesa campus), and all transfer courses must be deemed equivalent to those offered at CCBC.

Will there be lodging available for students? Yes, housing is one of the key criteria we are looking for in a new location. Student housing is available at the Twin Peaks campus with space for more than 200 students.

Are internships still available? Yes, we have a few openings for interns each semester. Please contact for more information.

If we are not able to do our semester at the new location will refunds be available? We will not require payment before students have a chance to decide whether or not to attend the new location based on more specific information, so we do not anticipate that refunds will be necessary. However, we will always honor our refund policy, which allows for a full refunds until the start date of any semester:

Will the current available programs remain? We are constantly reviewing and improving our curriculum, but the relocation is not likely to affect the programs we offer.


Will online courses be affected? No, our online program continues to grow, and we are adding new courses and faculty on a steady basis. We don’t anticipate any disruption of our fully online programs and courses.

Are alumni allowed to come do final campus tours? Due to the continued Covid-19 restrictions, the campus is currently closed to visitors. However, we are currently developing plans to invite alumni to the campus for visits in May 2021. The sign-up form is currently on our website: Follow CCBC Murrieta on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates!

Is there a possibility of the Fall semester happening on the Murrieta campus if the property does not sell by then? That is still a possibility, yes.

How can I make a donation towards the Bible College? All donors can give securely online at the link below. You can choose to support our general fund or give specifically toward need-based scholarships: 

Thank you for partnering with us!

Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center:

Is there another facility available to book for our church conference / retreat? 

Yes, our Twin Peaks Conference Center can host retreats and conferences, if Covid-19 regulations lift and retreats resume. For more information see

Will the famous granola be available for purchase anywhere else? Yes. At Twin Peaks.

Can the public come tour the campus? No. In order for the Bible College to remain open the State of California requires that campus visitors be limited to essential, approved visitors only.

For more information about the listing of MHS Christian Conference Center visit:


  • Melissa Ann Pasquarello

    Hi.. I love you guys okay, well bye.

    March 3, 2021
    • Aimee Wehner

      I’m sad to this this, but know that change happens in life. The campus is beautiful. My husband is an Alumni from CCBC on line and I attended a Horizon Women’s Conference there once. So beautiful! I will be praying alongside you all for clear vision in this sale.

      May 30, 2021
      • Thank you, Aimee. That means so much to us. We love this place too.

        May 30, 2021
    • Melissa

      Im sad. Hope to see you guys soon if not Murrieta California maybe in twin peaks. It’s been a while. I’m sure we got alot to catch up on. I love you all ❤️

      July 16, 2021
  • Karen


    My son who is a prospective student for Fall 2022 seeking a career in ministry. He is interested in Calvary Chapel College but of course a sale makes his parents nervous. Can we visit the campus for tour this summer without embarking on application process ?

    Thanks Karen

    June 8, 2021
    • Hi Karen, At this time we are only doing tours for those interested in Fall ’21 or Spring ’22 at Murrieta Hot Springs. Our residential campus for Fall ’22 will be at our Twin Peaks location. Tours at that campus will not be available until a later time. Hope that helps!

      June 9, 2021
  • Candice L. Gutierrez

    I live right above the school. The students would pull weeds for us old folks. They will be missed. Just praying that the new owners will be good neighbors’ too, and quite ones.

    July 23, 2021
    • Hi Candice, we will miss all our wonderful neighbors here in Murrieta. It has been an honor the community here and be a part of it’s growth. God Bless!

      October 14, 2021

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