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First-Year Essentials Certificate in Biblical Studies


Designed for gap-year students and those who are not sure if their goal is to complete a Bible college degree, this one-year program aims to strengthen students in their faith and character, preparing them for life in the world or further study. All credits count toward associate and bachelor programs for students who choose to continue their studies with CCBC. Credits may also be transferable to other schools.

Graduating students from this program will demonstrate their learning through summaries covering the New Testament, comprehensive exams and papers on various topics of Christian Theology, and personal, evaluated involvement in service to others including at least one Evangelistic Outreach.

Required courses are composed primarily from essential courses from the 2-year program with room for electives.

This certificate can be completed in nine months (two semesters) of full-time study or 18 months (three semesters) of part-time study.

Program Learning Outcomes (pLOs)

First-Year Essentials in Biblical Studies (ECBS) Certificate Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate emerging knowledge of the Bible (NT focus), theology, and the essence of the gospel by interpreting, applying, and communicating Scripture in ways that strengthen relationship with God. (ILOs 1 and 2).

2. Apply basic biblical insight and Christ-like values to various aspects of Christian practice, work, human relationships, and ministry as a foundation for life (ILOs 2 and 3).

On-Campus Option

For students who want a traditional on-campus community

Online Option

For students looking for flexible courses available in the comfort of their own home

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Copyright © 2021 Calvary Chapel Bible College