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360 Virtual Reality Tours



CCBC is using 360 degree video equipment to offer prospective students a new immersive experience tour. iPhone and Android smartphone users will be able to tilt and turn their phones up, down, left and right to change the direction that our videos are facing. You’ll feel like you are really there as you experience this new technology. It currently works with Youtube and Facebook videos on a smartphone.

If you are using an Android or iPhone, then click the links below and you’ll see what we mean. If you are on a desktop you won’t get the full experience. VIDEOS MUST BE WATCHED IN THE YOUTUBE APP, NOT A YOUTUBE VIDEO EMBEDDED IN A BROWSER.

360 “Classroom” Experience

Join in our 1 Thessalonians class with Pastor Chet Lowe.
Watch in Youtube App

360 “Teaching” Experience

Sit in our Romans class with Pastor Dave Shirley.
Watch in Youtube App

360 “Sunday Night Chapel” Experience

Sing along in a worship experience at CCBC’s Sunday Night Chapel with 360 views.
Watch in Youtube App

360 “Coffee Shop” Experience

Watch students hanging out at our coffee shop to study, caffeinate and talk.
Watch in Youtube App

360 “Great Spots to Read the Bible at CCBC” Experience

We filmed 18 different spots on campus that are great for reading your Bibles.
Watch in Youtube App


What’s Next?

In the next few months we’ll be filming a complete “Campus Tour” along with “Sunday Night Chapel Worship” using 360 camera technology at 4k resolution. Stay tuned to our social media networks for updates.


Now when CCBC visits conferences to setup a table with our flyers, we’ll also have virtual reality headsets so prospective students can tour our campus and actually feel like they are there. If you are hosting a preview night at your church or conference let us know so we can show you how the virtual reality headsets work (read below).

Compatible with Google Headset Goggles

Our 360 videos will also work with virtual reality headsets for a complete VR experience. You’ll feel like you are really here when you watch our tours on these headsets. As you tilt your head around it will be as if you are looking in that direction. To use this feature you’ll need the YOUTUBE app on an ANDROID smartphone (Apple IOS coming next month). Click the video link to open youtube and then click the CARDBOARD icon on the bottom right of the app. This will split the video into two screens. Then place your phone into the VR headsets and slip them on. You may have to adjust the focus depending on which headset you are using, but the end result will be a full immersive experience! You may want to download the youtube video offline for best viewing experience. To buy a Google Cardboard headset for under $20 CLICK HERE.

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