A Glimpse into the Life of a CCBC Graduate

Our Spring 2015 semester has been an amazing season of growing in the Lord through classes, outreaches, fellowship, and building relationships to last a lifetime. We are proud of our 100+ students that will be graduating on May 21st. They have worked diligently unto the Lord to finish out their two years here at CCBC and it has been a blessing to get to watch the Lord transform their lives through His Word. We asked several graduates a few questions about their time here at Bible college and how it impacted them, and now we get to share their answers with you. Take a glimpse into what the Lord has done over the last two years of their lives, and how they are planning to go out and serve the Lord after Bible college:

What was your favorite thing about CCBC?

“My favorite thing about Bible college was definitely the chapels and classes. Some of the best times that I’ve grown have been on Sunday nights, like I know I’ve heard the Lord speak to me specifically at Sunday night chapels, and in classes just learning to delve into the Word.”  – Josh Ortiz, 20

“I loved the lake actually, because I could just go there and walk around it and just pray out whatever was going on in my heart, or things I learned in class that day just to really go deeper. Sometimes I would be there almost every single night just walking around.” – Allia Holmes, 20

“Literally figuring out what theology was, because I had no clue what theology was or what God really was in the first place, because I was freshly saved.” – Joey Propati, 22

“Definitely learning that there’s a huge difference between head knowledge and heart application. And then also the amazing people that I met here for sure, there’s no other fellowship in the world like here.” – Chelsea Hernandez, 19

“Getting saved first semester was pretty sick! Learning how to teach was really cool, getting kind of discipled by Joel Wingo, he taught me how to teach and like get over my nerves of talking in front of people, and learning how to study the Bible the right way. Learning how to get stuff out of it was really sick.” – Sean Gilliam, 24

“I think being around Christian staff who pour into you and also having good Christian friends who build you up, like you’re all in it together, you have the same desire to serve the Lord and grow in the Lord and you all encourage one another.” – Kat Gargani, 22

What did the Lord use most to grow your relationship with Him while at CCBC?

“I think my devotional life and my prayer life, really. The Lord convicted me strongly to just develop those two parts of my relationship with Him while at Bible college and I’ve grown the most through those areas.” – Lucas Bostdorff, 22

“I think the biggest thing was leaving home and everything familiar to me, my family and my friends, and coming out here not knowing anybody except the Lord, and it kind of forced me to pursue what I knew was familiar which was God and my relationship with Him. I started to invest a lot more time studying His Word and praying, which obviously radically changed my relationship with Him.” – Jesse Nordstrom, 20

“I think giving me situations and circumstances with friends that I never had been in before, and then learning to trust in the Lord in ways that I never have had to, just through different types of relationships, helping counsel people through things that I’ve never dealt with before, and learning to rely upon the Lord in everything really.” – Allia Holmes, 20

“I grew the most during my semester in Israel, because it took me out of my comfort zone, and seeing the Bible come to life really challenged me and impacted me in a forever sense. Now I see God in a deeper light and just His heart for the world.” – Natalie Farley, 20

“Not trying to just get through work just to get through work and get the grade but actually like getting something out of it, like actually diving into it instead of just skimming through it and actually seeing what He wanted me to see out of it.” – Sean Gilliam, 24

“The thing that He used to grow my relationship with Him more definitely was first the classes. I was challenged from Bible Study Methods my first semester to grow in my devotional life, to grow in my study of God’s Word. The classes immediately just started to hit me in my heart and in my mind, to mold me more into the image of His Son.” – Johnny Zacchio, 19

What are your plans to serve the Lord after graduating from CCBC?

“I don’t have a set-in-stone plan, but my desire is to move back up to Northern California and find a job, just be that light in a secular workplace, get plugged into a local church, do worship ministry, and just see where the Lord leads from there.” – Natalie Farley, 20

“After Bible college, I plan to move down to Orange County and do graduate school most likely at Veritas. I want to get a Master’s degree in Apologetics and pursue that kind of ministry.” – Lucas Bostdorff, 22

“My plans are to just walk in whatever the Lord has me to do. It’s just kind of up in the air right now. Helping out my grandma this summer, then hopefully maybe an internship, then next year possibly the school of worship.” – Trishtian Stanley, 19

“My plan for serving the Lord after Bible college is to intern here at the Bible college for a year, just serving the students in leading them in worship, and also discipleship with the students here on campus, to pour into them continually and pour into the worship leaders here that are coming on campus. Just to serve wherever there’s a need as well, to be available, to be teachable.” – Johnny Zacchio, 19

“Getting married! And we’re hoping to serve at a church in youth ministry.” – Kat Gargani, 22

“The Lord has not given me any specific direction and I’m not sure what He’s calling me to be long-term but I feel that He’s directing me back home for the present time, at least for the summer, to serve at my church and to love the people that He’s put in my sphere of influence.”  – Jesse Nordstrom, 20