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Fall 2018

July 2Initial Tuition Payment (See Tuition & Fees Page)
August 4Application Deadline
August 10Remainder Tuition (Tuition increases by $100 after this date)
August 24Student Arrival Day
August 24-28Registration & Orientation
August 29Classes Begin
September 3Labor Day (CLASSES WILL BE HELD)
November 18-20Speaker’s Week
November 21-25Thanksgiving Break
December 13Move Out / Graduation

Spring 2019

February 4Student Arrival Day
February 4-6Registration & Orientation
February 7Classes Begin
April 15-19Easter Break / Missions Week
April 22Classes Resume
May 23Move Out / Graduation

Fall 2019

August 26Student Arrival Day
August 26-28Registration & Orientation
August 29Classes Begin
September 4Labor Day (CLASSES WILL BE HELD)
November 27-30Thanksgiving Break
December 12Move Out / Graduation

Spring 2020

February 3Student Arrival Day
February 3-5Registration & Orientation
February 6Classes Begin
April 6-12Easter Break / Missions Week
May 21Move Out / Graduation