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Our Registrar’s office is available year-round to advise and help with academic planning. To begin we have compiled the following information to assist students. Please contact the Registrar’s office with any additional questions you have. 

Academic Calendar

Fall 2020

Fall 2021

Spring 2021

Spring 2022

Track your Degree Progress

The main tool for current students to use in tracking degree progress is the Degree Audit on Populi. Another helpful tool to use would be the Graduation worksheet. 

Populi Degree Audit: The Degree Audit on Populi is available for current students only.  Login to your student account> My Profile> Student> Degree Audit. 

Graduation Worksheet: The graduation worksheet is a downloadable file that can be used to track completion towards a program. 

4-Year Schedule

A tool to help students plan which classes to take each semester over 2-4 years. If you are considering an optional degree concentration or traveling to an affiliate school, this will be especially helpful for you. In addition to the scheduled courses CCBC may offer a variety of special electives each semester such as: Proverbs 31, Graphic Design, Video Ministry, Marriage Talks, etc. *This schedule is subject to change based on teacher availability and CCBC’s program needs.

Sample Schedules

Use the following sample schedules to plan for your academic goals. These schedules have been customized to include classes that are scheduled to be offered over the next four years. Off-campus students may follow the same type of schedule with adjustments as needed.

Our Faculty

Our instructors have a heart to serve and equip students. The Faculty Listing provides additional insight on who will commonly be teaching courses. This is to assist you as you prayerfully consider which courses to take. 

"To Know God and Equip His Servants."