Admissions Overview

Admissions Policies

CCBC welcomes applicants who have made a faith commitment to Jesus Christ and desire to grow
in their relationship with Him, developing their gifts and talents for serving Christ in the world.

Degree program applicants must be academically prepared for college-level work and demonstrate an ability to benefit from the educational programs of the College.

High School, SAT & ACT

Proof of high school completion or the equivalent is required for enrollment in degree programs. Students will be asked to submit a copy of their high school transcript during the admissions process. Those currently enrolled in high school must submit a teacher recommendation. Official SAT and ACT reports are welcomed but not required for admission to CCBC. CCBC’s SAT code is 5982. Our ACT code is 6428.

Calvary Chapel Bible College

ATTN: Admissions
39407 Murrieta Hot Springs Road
Murrieta, CA 92563

Class Registration

All students, both on-campus and off-campus, will register online during open registration times prior to the first week of classes each semester. Students are encouraged to prayerfully  consider which classes to take, keeping in mind which classes are needed for graduation. Please refer to the Graduation Worksheet. CCBC does not normally set a maximum number that may be enrolled in any course, nor are there any additional entrance requirements or prerequisites for most courses. Please refer to the current schedules for on-campus and online course start dates and times for Registration Week.

Students with Disabilities

This College abides by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which stipulates that no qualified student will be denied the benefits of an education “solely by reason of a handicap.” If you have a documented disability which limits a major life activity that may have some impact on your work at CCBC and for which you may require accommodation, you may discuss those needs with our Admissions department during the application process so that appropriate accommodations may be considered, planned, and—if possible—arranged.

International Students

Students who are not citizens of the United States and have been accepted to CCBC will be issued an I-20 form to obtain an M-1 student visa. Canadian citizens do no need a visa, only an I-20 form. Prior to receiving an I-20 form, the student must provide proof of the following:

Transfer Policy

Students who have studied the Bible, Theology, Christian Living or General Studies at other institutions and wish to transfer credits to CCBC must have their official transcripts sent to CCBC for review by the Registrar. Courses will be examined individually and must be deemed identical or very similar in content to courses offered at CCBC in order to be considered for transfer.

Returning Students

Returing students must complete the Returning Student Form. Students who have not been enrolled in classes at CCBC or a CCBC Affiliate School for over one year must complete an Application for Re-admittance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

✦ Be sure to bring a Bible! A good study Bible in an essentially literal translation is ideal (such
as the New King James Version (NKJV), the New American Standard Bible (NASB), the
English Standard Version (ESV), or the Christian Standard Bible (CSB).
✦ If you have a few Bible study resources such as a Bible dictionary or Bible software, bring
those too.
✦ If possible, bring a laptop computer with the ability to run Bible study software. Laptops/
smart phones are also essential for listening to Bible Survey tracks which are downloaded or
streamed via weblinks. Free wifi is available on campus. A multiple outlet power strip with
surge protection may also prove helpful in the dorm room.
✦ Be sure to pack an alarm clock, personal toiletries, towels, wash cloths, sheet set for a
standard twin bunk bed, pillow and laundry bag. For storage, bring plastic drawers or
containers with lids to fit under the bed, or small cardboard drawers.
✦ Feel free to bring a bicycle and/or sports gear such as a soccer ball and cleats, basketball,
tennis racket, ping-pong gear, volleyball, etc.
✦ Musical instruments such as guitars are acceptable.
✦ You may want to bring school supplies, although CCBC is located near shopping centers and  there is no need to bring too many extra items.
✦ Although most students have mobile phones, the Bible College Office can receive incoming
urgent phone messages.
✦ If you have not yet paid the tuition and fees in full, bring your method of payment for tuition
balance, fees, etc. CCBC accepts Visa or MasterCard, personal checks, money orders, cash, or
Traveler’s Checks. Tuition is due prior to Arrival Day.
✦ Bring some spending cash for incidental expenses:
» Cash for laundry ($2.00 to wash and dry each load, detergent not included)
» Cash for printing papers ($.10 per page)
» Cash for postage stamps ($.50 per stamp)
» Cash for dorm cleaning and bathroom supplies (roommates each pitch in a few dollars)

✦ Firearms, weapons, explosives, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on
campus, even if they are stored in vehicles.
✦ Video game consoles, unwholesome music and movies and the like distract students who come
to this campus to be set apart for the study of God’s Word.
✦ In addition, please do not bring televisions, DVD players, stereos, etc.

Beyond these practical guidelines, we hope all students come to CCBC with a heart to seek the kingdom of God first, a readiness to be transformed by the Spirit through the study of God’s Word, and an openness to love others for Jesus’ sake as the outworking of true faith.

We recognize that rule-keeping is not the goal of the Christian life and we want to avoid a rule-based mentality. Our desire is that we all would draw closer to Jesus and grow daily in His grace. As we grow in Christ-likeness, we will be less concerned about pleasing ourselves and more concerned about pleasing God and being a blessing to others. While our goal is that students will develop this character and consistently choose to act in loving ways toward others, our campus rules and discipline are in place to maintain a good environment for learners to study the Word of God without hindering each other. Each semester during Welcome Week, on-campus students are updated on the current campus rules during their first dorm meeting. Basic elements of the guidelines are summarized in the Academic Catalog, and more complete information is provided in the Student Handbook.

"To Know God and Equip His Servants."