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CCBC is asking current students to share their Bible College experience by setting up a CCBC Promo event back at their home church or at a local church they have a connection with. In exchange for this CCBC will credit the students account $250 towards the Fall 2018 semester. 

The event should involve the following components:

  • A 5 minute announcement at a church service or 10+ minutes at a youth group (preferred):
    • Speak about your experience at CCBC and why someone would want to attend.
    • Elaborate on a few details about CCBC’s program. You may want to mention:
      (1) Affordable Tuition: $3,699 for room, board, and tuition (
      (2) Programs: Associates, Bachelors, Diplomas. Credit transfer agreements with schools.
      (3) Accreditation: Share that CCBC is pursuing accreditation as we speak.
      (4) Distance Ed: Online study is available for those who can’t make it to Murrieta, CA.
      (5) Institutional Statistics: Use info from the info graphic on this page from our alumni survey!
  • Share that you are available for questions after the service for anyone that is interested.
  • Ask your church or youth group if you can put CCBC trifold flyers at the info counter.
  • Optional: Play the CCBC promo video if there’s time (Available at


  • This offer is for current students who have studied at least 1 semester in Murrieta, CA.
  • This credit is only valid for students returning to Murrieta for the Fall 2018 semester.
  • Only one promo event can take place at each church (only in May, June or July of 2018).
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other CCBC scholarship or discount of tuition.
    (The OFC gift card promo is allowed to be combined with this offer.)
Download & Print This Form to Start