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CCBC’s two-year Biblical Studies programs are designed to help students know God more deeply and be equipped to serve Him by means of a thorough, well-rounded, and prayerful study of His Word–the Bible. This is intended to provide students with a knowledge of God’s general will for their lives and a foundation for all aspects of their future, including their family life, vocation, ministry, employment, and further education. Graduating students from these programs will demonstrate their learning through summaries covering every passage of Scripture, comprehensive exams and papers on various topics of Christian theology, and personal, evaluated involvement in service to others including at least one evangelistic outreach. As of 2018, CCBC offers the following degree programs.

Requires 120 semester credits and all the requirements of the A.B.S. A minimum of 36 must be earned in general studies, with at least six credits in each of the general studies categories listed above under the A.B.S. The B.B.S. is a degree completion program for transfer students and adult learners who have at least 30 transfer or prior learning credits.

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Requires 72 semester credits and is composed primarily of eight Bible Core Classes (each representing a section of the Bible), foundational courses in Theology, Bible Survey courses, verse-by-verse studies of Bible books, and Practical Christian Ministry. Various Elective courses in Christian ministry are also available. The associate’s degree program requires 18 semester credits of general studies courses, with at least three credits in each of the following categories: English Communication & Critical Thinking, Humanities & Fine Arts, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and Social & Behavioral Sciences. These courses may be transferred to CCBC from a U.S. Department of Education-recognized, accredited institution or an alternative credit program approved by the CCBC Registrar. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required for admission to the A.B.S. program.

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Four-year program requiring 120 credits, for those taking additional emphasis courses in leadership and ministry. Classes include: Biblical Counseling, Homiletics or Teaching Methods, Pastoral Ministry or Church Planting, Youth Ministry or Children's Ministry, Pastoral Epistles, James or Ephesians.