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Calvary Chapel Bible College operates on a 15-week semester schedule. One semester credit hour equals one hour of class instruction, plus approximately one hour of homework. For example, a two credit class has approximately 30 hours of classroom instruction plus 30 hours of homework.

A student may not exceede 25 credits in one semester, there are no exceptions. The typical student should average approximately 20 credits per semester.

The following is an sample of a typical schedule for an on-campus student. Off-campus students may follow the same type of schedule with adjustments as needed.

First SemesterSecond Semester
Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John)Old Testament Poetry and Wisdom Book
Old Testament History BookOld Testament Prophets Book
Old Testament Survey 1 (Genesis – Job)OT Survey 2 (Psalms – Malachi)
Bible Study Methods / HermeneuticsChristian Living/Discipleship/Disciple Making
Practical Christian Ministry 1Practical Christian Ministry 2
Open elective 1 (Bible/Emphasis/General)Open elective 3 (Bible/Emphasis/General)
Open elective 2 (Bible/Emphasis/General)Open elective 4 (Bible/Emphasis/General)
Third SemesterFourth Semester
New Testament Survey 1 (Matthew – Acts)New Testament Survey 2 (Romans – Revelation)
MissionsHistory of Redemption
Practical Christian Ministry 3Practical Christian Ministry 4
Community Service 1Community Service 2 
Open elective 5 (Bible/Emphasis/General)Open elective 7 (Bible/Emphasis/General)
Open elective 6 (Bible/Emphasis/General)Open elective 8 (Bible/Emphasis/General)

Evangelistic Outreach

Each student must participate in an evangelistic outreach prior to graduation. The outreach is to be evangelistic in nature, seeking to share the gospel to those outside the church. The outreach needs to take place between the time the student began classes at CCBC and graduation.