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We welcome you to schedule a time to come and visit our campus to take a tour and speak with a counselor. You will be able to personally see all that CCBC has to offer as one of our tour guides takes you around the campus. The campus is truly breathtaking! Recommended times: Tuesday: 10am or 2:00pm, Thursday: 10am or 2:00pm, and Friday: 9:30am
Extended, day-long visits of the campus give you the opportunity to take a tour, enjoy our amenities, and even participate in our classes and chapel services! We want you to get the best possible idea of what student life is like. A daily visit gives you the experience of what an average day would be like as a student at CCBC.

What is there to do at CCBC?
  • Take a campus tour
  • Sit in on desired classes
  • Eat in the cafeteria
  • Enjoy the pool and hot spring Jacuzzi’s
  • Play volleyball on our beach
  • Interact with students and staff
You may also customize your experience however you want! Recommended times: Monday through Friday!
Contact our admissions department to schedule a one-night stay at CCBC in the student dorm rooms. The tour includes dinner and breakfast and will allow you to experience sitting in on an evening class as well as experiencing a morning chapel. Parents can stay at nearby hotels at night. Overnight tours are only available while the semester is in session.

"I attended an overnight visit and to say it was awesome is an understatement. I have never been excited to attend a class and I was for the first time at CCBC. Also, the friends I made in the short amount of time I was there was amazing.” - CCBC Prospective Student
CCBC is using 360 degree video equipment to offer prospective students a new immersive experience tour. iPhone and Android smartphone users will be able to tilt and turn their phones up, down, left and right to change the direction that our videos are facing. You'll feel like you are really there as you experience this new technology. It currently works with Youtube and Facebook videos on a smartphone.

View 360 Videos on Smartphone


Tour Request
*Please indicate desired tour time and contact number