Equip His Servants

Who we are looking for.

We are looking for credentialed teachers for both our Biblical studies and general education classes. Some requirements include:

  • (1) Agreement with Calvary Chapel theology and philosophy of ministry,
  • (2) Being part of a Calvary Chapel church or having attended CCBC,
  • (3) Having a Master’s degree,
  • (4) Experience & giftedness for college-level teaching.

If you don’t live near Murrieta, CA, there may still be opportunities for you to teach, either online or in intensive one or two-week “hybrid block classes” where you would be housed on campus while you teach.

Our Goal for Instructors

We believe that God does not only call the “qualified” to serve him; but he always qualifies the called. We remain committed to our belief that our students need to learn from both formally and informally trained teachers and mentors. Since we shape learners as a college, we do need a substantial and sufficient number of faculty members with graduate-level training in the areas they teach. Accreditation requires us to demonstrate and provide evidence of our credibility as a teaching institution, and faculty credentials are the most common way of demonstrating one’s training for teaching in higher education. Our plan for involving both “Pauls” (formally trained) and “Peters” (informally trained) includes:

  • Keeping non-credentialed pastors and missionaries teaching in Chapel, Lectures, and Speakers’ Week courses, and mentoring students in ministry in their areas of expertise.
  • Pairing teachers who have earned graduate degrees with others who do not, in a team-teaching design.
  • Recruiting some new part-time faculty members who have degrees, preferring pastors and leaders within Calvary Chapel as well as CCBC alumni.
  • Establishing a policy for the limited, ABHE-allowed exceptions to faculty credential requirements, based on a teacher’s recognized expertise on course topics. This could be a way to qualify a limited number teachers who do not have degrees but have published teachings through the whole Bible, are recognized as expert practitioners of missions and ministry, or have similar evidence of their expertise.

We are looking for both on-campus and online instructors.