Student Production

Student Production: Seeking Truth

CCBC offers a variety of events and activities for students with various interests and skills to express their God-given gifts. For the last few months, a group of talented students have been busy rehearsing for this semester’s play, Seeking Truth. This amazing collection of young thespians have been balancing their schoolwork, social lives, and various responsibilities all while memorizing lines and understanding their characters in preparation for the performance.

Seeking Truth focuses on the lives of Professor Michael Thorton and the students in his philosophy class. Professor Thorton is significantly against the idea of God and encourages his pupils to discover their purpose from alternative avenues. When life turns in unexpected ways, everyone is forced to deal with one another’s relative truth and find meaning in a godless universe.

Carissa Breed is the director. Here is her take on preparing the students for the production:

  • What’s the heart behind having the students put on a play?

I have always loved theater and I wanted to share that with students! I think theater can be a huge ministry opportunity and can bless a lot of people. My heart in having a theater group on campus has always consisted of three things – 1. to glorify God, 2. to have fun, and 3. to encourage people through telling a story.

  • What do you enjoy from directing a production like this? 

This is our third semester of having a theater group on campus and the opportunity to direct each one of the plays has unbelievably blessed me! I truly have had the time of my life being able to lead these students and getting to know them personally. The cast of the plays have become some of my closest friends and I am so thankful for the friendships and the memories that have been made.

  • What has been the most rewarding? The most challenging?

Acting is so much fun but directing, although challenging and frustrating at times, has been so much more rewarding in my opinion. Some people on campus have told me they have watched all our previous performances and have been blessed by them. That is so rewarding to me and makes every minute worth it! The most challenging thing for me has been giving the play over to the Lord. I really do put a lot of effort and time into this and I care deeply about it, and so handing it over to God and recognizing that it belongs to Him and not me has been a difficult lesson to learn.

  • What has God shown you from this semester’s play?

God is the director, not me. The play belongs to Him and I am just the person He is using to orchestrate it. God does not need me in order to use the theater group as a ministry, but the fact that He has used me is a blessing. God has also reminded me that all hope, truth, and purpose is found in Him and He has shown me how heartbreaking it is that people are looking for truth in the wrong places and are left completely empty.

Emerson Galaang is a first-semester student and portrays the character Tyler “Ty” Hughes, one of the philosophy students. Here are his thoughts about being involved with the play:

  • Is this a new experience for you or have you performed before?

I was part of the theater program in my high school and I participated in musicals and plays. There are personalities that you would expect to be part of a theater group. However, it was during the first night of rehearsals, we were being the usual rowdy, goofy theater kids but when we opened up in prayer, there was silence. You do not hear silence often in theater. That was a new experience and just amazing that everyone knew who we were serving and that our motivations are to give the glory to God alone.

  • Can you describe your experience rehearsing for the play?

While rushing over from class and rehearsing until 11 p.m. would get tiresome, the fellowship with the theater group made it worth it. Carissa pushed us and guided us with love and encouragement to offer God and minister to the students with the best of our abilities.

  • What do you think the audience will enjoy the most?

I hope the audience would enjoy the message behind the play and be encouraged and edified after watching.

  • Has the Lord shown you anything in preparing for the show?

The Lord has shown me how creative He is and how He imparted different gifts among the body to express this. Also, the fact that my own personal character is radically contrary to my character in the play is encouraging. God’s doing a great work. I hope to see you guys there!

Second-semester student Jasmine Boveda plays Renee Thorton, the wife of the professor. This is her take on acting in the play:

  • Is this a new experience for you or have you performed before?

I have never performed in a theatre environment. I have sung in choirs and such but never been in theatre. I was homeschooled so the only opportunity to join a theatre program would be through CYT. However, for my family, it just never worked out.

  • Can you describe your experience rehearsing for the play?

My experience rehearsing the play has been amazing. I have enjoyed every part of being involved with the CCBC theatre group. Everyone is so encouraging, inclusive, and overwhelmingly loving. It’s been an incredible first-time experience.

  • What do you think the audience will enjoy the most?

I think the audience might enjoy seeing how one man who is focused on himself and his own greatness can find God even though he hates Him. It is a beautiful image of how God looks down at each of us and waits for us to let Him into our lives. It’s going to be encouraging because it shows God is still watching even the people with the hardest hearts.

  • Has the Lord shown you anything in preparing for the show?

He has been showing me that He is still there for me no matter how many times I push him away. He has me right where He knows I am going to grow the most. Even though the trials right now seem the hardest, God is equipping me with the tools to be able to endure this so I can handle any further problems in my life with Him and through His power.

The performances will be held at 9 pm in the CCBC Theater on Monday, May 6 and again on Wednesday, May 8. Come and support our stellar theater group!