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CCBC Security

Campus Security

At Calvary Chapel Bible College, security is a top priority.  We implement several measures to provide a safe campus for our students, staff, and guests.

Closed Campus


Our property is a closed campus.  The Guard Shack located at our main entrance to the campus screens all incoming vehicles. If a visitor is not approved to be on campus, they are denied access.






Visitor Policy

ccbc shoot 4

Students may have friends and family visit, but they must communicate to security who will be visiting and when in advance in order for their guests to be granted access to the property. Guests are to be met by the student at the guard shack and accompanied by the student for the duration of their visit on campus.





24/7 Security


Our security department works around the clock every day to protect our campus.  The Guard Shack is always occupied, and multiple security team members patrol the property at all times.










Murrieta Police Substation


As a ministry, we have taken an added measure to open our campus to the Murrieta Police Department. The property has created space for the Police Department to have a substation to maximize the time and opportunity for officers to be on site. While we do not employ them, we are blessed to know that officers are nearby in the event of an emergency where we would need to call 911.





Our desire is that time spent on the property of Calvary Chapel Bible College would be restful as students are setting aside a season of their lives to grow in their relationships with God. It is our privilege and priority to maintain a safe atmosphere on our campus so that refreshment and rest can take place.