Church Sponsorship Program

We are excited to share about our Church Sponsorship Program. We hope it will allow us to come alongside churches in their desire to disciple young Christians for ministry in their church. Our goal is that churches will choose a member from their youth group, church or school to sponsor to attend Calvary Chapel Bible College in exchange for that student interning at their home church during each of the semester breaks, and up to one year after they graduate.

The consistent internship in between semesters is what is key to this program’s success. Without this connection it is understandable that churches would be reluctant to sponsor a student to head to California for fear that person they’ve invested in would not return to their home church after graduation. With this internship the student will have a chance to apply what they’ve been learning back at their home church between semesters. Students who are plugged in and have staff relationships at their home churches are more likely to want to return there to serve after graduation.

Each semester we see the Lord change the lives of the students as they seek Him in His Word. The number one reason we are given for why students do not return to CCBC is a lack of finances. Many students would love to continue their education but do not get enough employment during breaks to cover the subsequent semester’s cost. We hope that you will pray about partnering with a student as they study the Word at Bible college.

– Full or partial program cost covered by the church for each semester agreed upon.
– An internship each semester break at their home church to practically apply what they learn at CCBC.

– 20 hours / week unpaid internship for up to 2 summer and 2 winter breaks.
– Access to the student’s grades each semester, upon request, to make sure they are being diligent in their studies.
– Access to a CCBC staff member, upon request, to discuss the behavioral status of the student.
– An optional paid internship after graduation for 3-12 months.

– Churches, contact us for ideas for implementing a mutually beneficial internship program at your church.
– Churches, please research local state’s laws to make sure that the internship is structured appropriately.

– Church Sponsorship Program Agreement (the church and the student will sign this form).
– Implementation Info (all the information you need to execute this program effectively).
– Academic Release Form (CCBC needs this form signed for us to release grades/behavior status to you upon request).

– Pastors: Print the packet below. Pray about whether this will be a blessing to your church and one of your youth.
– Students: Print the packet below. Present the information to your church leaders to pray about.

This program is available for the CCBC Murrieta main campus only, but it still allows for students to travel to an affiliate campus for one of their four semesters to gain a heart for the mission field. Please contact us if you have any questions.

"If theological education will increase your power for Christ, is it not your duty to gain that added power? …Never say you are losing time by going to school. You are saving time, buying it up for the future and storing it away. Time used in storing power is not lost."

-AT Robertson