Degree Concentrations

Degree concentrations are designed for students to apply biblical insight to strengthen their relationship with God and inform the practice of a specific ministry area. Students enrolled in a concentration take topical and Bible courses related to the ministry topic for a total of 12-credits. We currently offer five degree concentrations: General Leadership, Apologetics, Missions & Evangelism, Worship Arts, and Discipleship. 

General Leadership

Designed to equip those who feel called to youth ministry, pastoral ministry, women’s ministry, or children’s ministry. Required courses include:

  • Topical Courses
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Homiletics or Teaching Methods
  • Pastoral Ministry or Church Planting
  • Youth Ministry or Children's Ministry
  • Bible Electives
  • Pastoral Epistles
  • James or Ephesians


Focuses on building the faith of believers and equipping Christians to defend the Christian faith with humility. Required courses include:

  • Topical Courses
  • Apologetics
  • Bibliology & Archaeology
  • Christian Ethics
  • Cults & World Religions or Introduction to Islam
  • Bible Electives
  • John
  • Ecclesiastes or Job

Missions & Evangelism

Intended to equip those who have an interest in proclaiming the Gospel and training disciples of Jesus Christ abroad. Required courses include:

  • Topical Courses
  • Acts
  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Missionary Biographies or History of Missions
  • Bible Electives
  • Pastoral Epistles
  • I&II Thessalonians or Galatians

Worship Arts

Prepares those who are gifted musically to lead worship, with the right heart and focus, in various ministry settings. Required courses include:

  • Topical Courses
  • Worship Leadership
  • Worship Band Practicum*
  • Sound & Recording*
  • Musicianship*
  • Bible Electives
  • Psalms or Leviticus
  • Life of David or I&II Chronicles
  • *Due to the hands on training in these courses this concentration cannot be completed entirely online.


Students in this concentration will spend time being discipled by a trained disciple maker, will learn a theology of disciple making, and will have an opportunity to practice being a disciple maker themselves. They will learn to use discipleship tools provided by CCBC to practically make disciples who make disciples. 

"To Know God and Equip His Servants."