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Course Description

The course will consist of a survey of the main doctrines of the Christian faith. Attention will be given to the following topics: divine authority and revelation, the nature and theological role of the Bible, the existence and nature of God, the three Persons of the Trinity, angels, man, sin, salvation, church, and eschatology.


This course is designed to help students broaden their knowledge of God, increase their love for Him, and deepen their trust in Him through organizing, understanding, and summarizing what the Bible teaches concerning essential theological issues. By the end of the course, students should (1) understand the main doctrines of the Christian faith taught in the Bible and (2) be able to distinguish between accurate and inaccurate statements that attempt to summarize the Bible’s teaching concerning essential theological issues, and (3) relate these concepts to one another in a coherent way.

Instructor: Christopher Davis
Credits: 3
Cost: $380
Start/End Date: February 4th – March 31, 2019 (“Spring 1”); April 1st – May 26th (“Spring 2”)
Textbooks: Must be purchased separately 

Introducing Christian Doctrine 3rd Edition

Fulfills: Theology Foundations Class Requirement


Instructor Guided Interaction


Christopher Davis is a CCBC Alumni with his PhD in Theology and Apologetics from Liberty University. He has been teaching Contemporary Worldviews at Liberty University for the past two years and currently attends Calvary Chapel High Desert.

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