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Courses are graded on a letter grade basis, with the Academic Supervisor responsible for assigning a grade. The grade will be based on the course assignments. The final grade will be based on the number of accumulated points, out of 100 possible points.

If a student is unsatisfied with a final grade and thinks that an error has occurred in the calculation of the grade, he/she may submit a grade dispute in writing to Distance Learning, Attention: Academic Committee, along with a copy of the coursework in question and the corresponding grading checklist within two weeks of receiving the grade.

If you are planning to graduate, or need your grade recorded before the due date, please allow adequate time for the grading of all assignments.

Examinations, Notes, and Assignments

All examinations and assignments offered by Distance Learning are open-book and un-proctored. However, course requirements must be completed without the assistance of another individual. The student must submit original examinations, notes, and assignments to Distance Learning for grading. Each student is encouraged to make copies of their coursework for their own records in case not all materials are received by the school due to human or mechanical error. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all materials are enclosed in a proper format for grading.

All examinations and coursework must be submitted on clean paper with all appropriate headings and content according to course instructions. All research papers or reports submitted for grading must follow the instructions given in the Course Requirements.

Due to the nature of distance education, all classes require notes based on audio/video lectures and textbook evaluation papers. These papers and notes must reflect the content of the author and/or lecturer regardless of the student’s personal conviction. Simply writing Scripture passages or unrelated material is unacceptable and is not fulfilling the course requirements.

Calvary Chapel Bible College, Distance Learning requires 100% completion of lecture notes.  The primary focus of the class is for the student to access and comprehend all the lecture content provided.  Our desire is that each student would grow in Christ and learn from the Word of God while listening to the lectures.  “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17).  Each student is required to fulfill the lecture note-taking assignment showing full verse coverage of the lecture.  Since Lecture notes are the only way to assess whether or not the student has listened to the lectures, we ask that the student be thorough.  For each missing lecture note assignment or lecture note assignment showing incomplete lecture coverage, one letter grade increment will be dropped from the FINAL GRADE (Example: B+ to B).

Shipping Course Materials

Note:  Due to the dimensions of our shipping materials, any binders larger than 11″ x 3″ x 13″ will not be returned with graded coursework.

Course Withdrawal/Change of Status

Changes in a student’s academic load, such as withdrawing from a course, requires the completion of a “Withdrawal Form” which can be obtained in the back of the Course Guide for SCE students or on the Distance Learning downloads page online. Students withdrawing from a course within the first five weeks of the course start date will receive a “W” (withdraw).  Any withdrawal after the end of the fifth week will earn a “UW” (unofficial withdraw) which will affect the student’s GPA.

Refund and Credit Policy

All students who are unable to complete the course for any reason, may withdraw and receive a refund for their course tuition. Only tuition costs will be refunded, material costs along with administrative fees are nonrefundable.

The following determines the percentage of tuition fees to be credited to the students account:

• Courses dropped before the official course start date   – 100%
• Courses dropped by the end of the second week          – 70%
• Courses dropped by the end of the third week              – 60%
• Courses dropped by the end of the fourth week           – 50%
• Courses dropped by the end of the fifth week               – 40%
• There are no refunds after the end of the fifth week  – 0%

Due Date Extensions

Students enrolled in a course and who are not able complete their requirements by the due date may purchase an extension for $50, granting them an additional 1 month (per class). A maximum of two extensions are permitted. As a result, the student’s official grade will be entered as an “I” (incomplete) through the extension period and subsequently changed to their final grade upon the completion of the course or the expiration of their extension, whichever comes first. Extensions may only be ordered within the final week of the course enrollment. If the student does not make arrangements before/on the course due date to purchase an extension, they will not receive credit for any late assignments. Purchasing of an extension must be completed by calling the Distance Learning office at (951) 696-5944 before 3:00pm (PST) on the Due Date of the course. An extension verification letter will be mailed to the student for each extension purchased. For each extension purchased, the student’s final grade will be lowered 10 points, bringing a 100 to a 90, etc. If returned coursework is postmarked/submitted after the extension due date it is considered late and consequently the student will receive an “UW” for the course, which will affect the student’s GPA. Prison extensions can also be acquired by calling the Distance Learning office within the final week of the course module; however, there is no monetary charge or grade point deduction.

Academic Probation

Students whose cumulative GPA drops below 2.0, or whose previous semester GPA is below 2.0, will be placed on academic probation during the following enrollment. Students on academic probation will be restricted to three (3) credits the following enrollment period. If the student’s GPA does not improve at the conclusion of the next enrollment, he or she will be asked to counsel with Distance Learning in order to set up a system of academic accountability or be suspended from the college. The student who is suspended for academic reasons will not be considered for reenrollment until the student appeals to and is accepted by the academic committee.

Distance Learning Academic Policy

Time for Degree Completion

The Certificate of Completion, Diploma of Biblical Studies, Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, and Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree programs are designed to be completed at the students’ own pace and within seven (7) calendar years from the student’s initial enrollment. Finishing in less than 7 years will ensure that all classes taken will count towards graduation.

Graduation Policy

Calvary Chapel Bible College trains individuals for Christian ministry and leadership; therefore, it demands a high standard of character and conduct as measured by the Scriptures. Students who by the evaluation of the faculty and administration do not demonstrate these qualities during their degree or certificate program will not be recommended for graduation. In addition, students must be recommended by the faculty to obtain “graduation status” prior to graduation. Fulfillment of degree requirements does not guarantee a recommendation to graduation status. Distance Learning reserves the right to dismiss students at any time for any reason. Prior to degree completion the student may be required by Calvary Chapel Bible College to furnish additional and/or updated information to ensure accuracy and a complete application file per the Bureau for Private Post-secondary Education. Students must submit the “Petition for Graduation” form at the time of enrollment into their final class prior to graduation. The form may be obtained through the Distance Learning office.


Upon graduation, students will receive an unofficial academic grade report reflecting grades received for coursework at no charge. Any subsequent requests for official transcripts must be made to the Main Campus. The Transcript Request Form is available on the website. Official Transcripts are $5 each. This fee is non-refundable.

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