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Course Requirements

The Distance Learning staff has compiled all course materials and each course offered is unique. Therefore, be sure to read through all course information for the individual course requirements. General course assignments can include: listening to all course lectures and completing lecture notes, book reports, term papers, project worksheets, chapter summaries, quizzes and final exams.


Lecture Note Completion

Through lecture note completion we are able to assess whether or not the student has listened to the full lecture. Therefore, we ask that the student be thorough. For each missing lecture note assignment or lecture note assignment showing incomplete lecture coverage, one letter grade increment will be dropped from the FINAL GRADE (Example: A to A-). Our desire is that each student would grow in Christ and learn from the Word of God while listening to the lectures. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17)



Courses are graded on a letter grade basis, with the final grade based on the number of accumulated points, out of 100 points possible. The Distance Learning staff will be responsible for assigning final grades for courses and answering all questions in regard to course materials. Currently, the original instructors for courses are unavailable to answer questions. Please direct all course questions to the Distance Learning staff.



Course Extensions are available for students who, upon encountering unforeseen circumstances, may have been prevented from completing their course in the allotted four-month period. Extensions cost $50.00 per course and will extend the course for one additional month. Up to two extensions may be purchased per course. Extensions may only be purchased during the last week of class enrollment. In order to encourage promptness and diligence, for each extension purchased, the student’s final grade will be lowered 10 points, bringing an “A” to a “B”, etc. If two extensions are purchased, the final grade will be lowered 20 points “A” to “C”. Extensions will not be given past the due date of the course. Extensions can be purchased here.



Students desiring to withdraw from a course are responsible to complete the Withdrawal Form before a withdrawal can be approved. If a student withdraws for any reason after the withdrawal deadline (after the fifth week of the course enrollment), he/she will receive an Unofficial Withdrawal (UW). This calculates as an “F”, affecting the student’s grade point average. A student may not drop a class by merely not turning in the coursework. If this occurs, and a Withdrawal Form has not been submitted, then the student will be issued a “UW” for that particular course. Please note the refund policy before considering a course withdrawal.


Grade Dispute

If a student is unsatisfied with a final grade and thinks an error has occurred in the calculation of the grade, he/she may submit a formal grade dispute in writing to Distance Learning. Please note all grade disputes and grade change requests must be in writing for our record keeping purposes.  In your request, add the reason why you think the grade is incorrect, attach any assignments in question, and inform us what you would like us to review in the reevaluation. Our staff will meet to review all disputes. Grade disputes are accepted up to 30 days after Final Grades have been posted.


Academic Probation

Students whose cumulative GPA drops below 2.0, or whose previous semester GPA is below 2.0, will be placed on academic probation during the following enrollment period. Students on academic probation will be restricted to taking no more than 3 credits at a time until they are released from academic probation. In order to be released from academic probation students must successfully complete two consecutive enrollments with passing grades. If the student fails to pass his or her following enrollments, then he or she will be asked to counsel with Distance Learning in order to set up a system of academic accountability or may be suspended from the program. The student who is suspended for academic reasons will not be considered for re-enrollment for at least 6 months. After this waiting period, the student must appeal in writing to Distance Learning and be accepted by the academic committee before being able to resume taking courses.


Course Materials

Course materials become the property of the student when the course is purchased. Any unauthorized distribution, resale for profit, or duplication of materials is strictly prohibited. There is no rental, lease, or buyback program in place at this time.  Textbooks are non-refundable in the event of a course withdrawal.



Students in the Distance Learning program can petition for graduation twice per year in conjunction with the Main Campus Spring and Fall semesters. Graduation forms must be submitted for review by all deadlines regardless of whether the student plans to participate in the graduation ceremony in person or only receive the diploma in the mail.

Our goal is to train individuals for Christian ministry and leadership; therefore, our program demands a high standard of character and conduct measured by the Scriptures. Students who, by the evaluation of the faculty and administration do not demonstrate these qualities during their degree or certificate program will not be recommended for graduation. Fulfillment of degree requirements does not guarantee a recommendation to graduation status. Distance Learning reserves the right to dismiss students at any time for any reason. Prior to degree completion, the student may be required by Calvary Chapel Bible College to furnish additional and/or updated information to ensure an accurate and complete application file.

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