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419382_10150659178159625_1253614734_nDistance Learning desires students who are committed to Jesus Christ. Students are required to read, understand, and adhere to the college’s statement of purpose and faith. Since Distance Learning is an undergraduate institution, students who desire to earn a degree upon completion of the Bible College program must submit evidence of completion of high school, G.E.D, or the California High School Proficiency Exam. Home-schooled applicants must provide an official record of completion from their home school association. Those students who cannot verify high school graduation must fulfill this requirement through traditional means or take the G.E.D. equivalency test before graduating. Students who do not plan on submitting high school completion verification are encouraged to apply to the certificate of completion program.

The prospective students’ application will be reviewed for acceptance when all application materials have been received by the admissions office. Each application must begin with a $50 application fee. All electronic applications must be completed within 90 days. Please allow one week for review processing.

New Students: First Time Applicants

New students who desire to apply for a degree program with Distance Learning must submit a completed application. Please visit the Apply Now link to begin an electronic application. The student may send officially sealed transcripts with his/her application or have them sent directly from the institution itself to the Distance Learning office. Any student who has been admitted to Distance Learning and remains inactive for 12 consecutive months (evidenced by a lack of course registration) will be required to submit a reactivation form, $50 re-activation fee and a new pastoral reference. Students who have remained inactive for 5 years or more must complete a new student application including a $50 application fee.

A student is considered full time if he/she takes a minimum of 12 credits with a maximum of 25 credits per academic semester.

New Transfer Students/Bible Transfer Credits

Students who desire to transfer coursework from another institution into Distance Learning for credit should request all official transcripts along with a catalog containing the previous college’s statement of faith (if applicable) and course descriptions to be sent to the Registrar for evaluation.

Distance Learning will only evaluate transfer credit for Bible courses and transfer credits may only be used to fulfill elective classes.  Transferable Bible electives are considered to be courses that are academic subjects. All courses that are technical, performance, non-academic, or vocational are not eligible for transfer. Nor are courses below the 100 level that are considered college preparatory or remedial. Transfer students may transfer a maximum of 12 credits. The student should not assume that all Bible coursework will transfer. The registrar makes final decisions after carefully considering each course and comparing it to the required coursework of the Distance Learning program.  Transfer students are required to submit a completed application identical to that of “New Students.”  Students interested in transferring credits should have official copies of their academic transcripts along with the institution’s course catalog sent to the Distance Learning Office.

Affiliate Campus Transfer Students

Students who are currently, or have in the past, enrolled at a Calvary Chapel Bible College Affiliate Campus and now desire to enroll in a certificate or degree program through Distance Learning must complete a full application including the $50 application fee. Affiliate Campus students who have also taken classes through the main campus or Distance Learning in the past may not be required to complete a full new student application. One of two forms must be submitted.

Students who have taken classes through Distance Learning or the main campus and have taken classes through an affiliate campus within the past year will be required to submit an exempt admission form and official affiliate campus transcripts.

Students who have taken classes through Distance Learning or the main campus and have taken classes through an affiliate campus but have been inactive for at least one year must submit a reactivation form, $50 reactivation fee, new pastoral reference and official affiliate campus transcripts.

Students who desire to transfer credits earned at Affiliate Campuses into Distance Learning may be able to apply up to 60 credits to “required” and “elective” Distance Learning courses. Each transfer course must be evaluated for approval. Please see the Affiliate Campus section of the School Catalog for more information.

Main Campus Transfer Students

Students who are currently, or have in the past, enrolled in a degree program at Calvary Chapel Bible College’s main campus and desire to enroll in Distance Learning courses may request a change in program or supplement their on campus program with Distance Learning courses. If the student has been academically inactive for the previous 12 months, a non-refundable $50 reactivation fee must accompany a reactivation form.

Non-native English Speaking Students

Applicants who are not native English speakers are required to demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting satisfactory TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores taken within two years prior to the date of application. For the written TOEFL test, scores must be 500 or above for acceptance and for the computer based test the minimum score is 175. Information about TOEFL may be obtained from:

P.O. Box 61512
Princeton, NJ, 08541-6151

For those students who have completed education outside the United States and are seeking a degree from CCBC, a transcript evaluation by AACRAO or a similar company may also be required to qualify for graduation. Please see for more information.

Supplementing Students

Students who supplement their home campus’ graduation requirements with Distance Learning courses may not take more than 25 credits cumulatively, whether they are currently enrolled in courses with an Affiliate Campus, the Main Campus, or through Distance Learning.

Incarcerated Students

Students in prison qualify for a reduced application fee of $25. Inmates who desire to take classes through Distance Learning must fulfill the same requirements as a new student in addition to filling out and returning the Inside and Outside Sponsor Forms provided with the application. (Applications can be downloaded here or may be mailed to inmates upon request)