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How To Apply

Students can apply year-round to take courses through the Distance Learning program. Please visit the Apply Now link to start an online application. The application process includes the completed application, three references, and a $50.00 application fee (waived through the end of 2019). Once all application materials have been received by the admission’s office, allow adequate time for the review process to be completed.


Inactive Students

Students, who have previously been accepted to the Distance Learning program or Main Campus, and have since been inactive for over twelve months (evidenced by a lack of course registration), will be required to complete the reactivation process before taking courses. Students will need to submit a Reactivation form and one new pastoral reference. Students who have been inactive for over five years will need to complete the full application process.

Application (Readmittance to Online Courses)


High School Completion or GED

Distance Learning is a college-level, undergraduate institution; therefore, students who desire to earn a degree upon completion of the Bible college program must submit evidence of completion of high school, G.E.D, or the California High School Proficiency Exam. Home-schooled applicants must provide an official record of completion from their home school association. Those students who cannot verify high school graduation must fulfill this requirement through traditional means or take the G.E.D. equivalency test before graduating. Students who do not plan on submitting high school completion verification are encouraged to apply to the certificate of completion program.


Transfer Policy

Students who have studied the Bible, Theology, or Christian Living at other institutions and wish to transfer credits to CCBC must have their official transcripts sent to CCBC to be reviewed by our Registrar. Courses will be examined individually and must be deemed identical or very similar in content to courses offered at CCBC. For more information on transferring to and from other institutions, please see the Academic Catalog.


Prison Program Applicants

The Prison Program application will be completed by the potential student and sent via the mail. The application, three reference forms, and a reduced application fee of $25.00 (waived through the end of 2018) are required for this process.  Students will need to designate their inside and outside sponsors during the application process, both sponsors will need to complete a sponsor form that outlines their commitments to the student. The Admissions Department is available to answer questions and assist throughout this process. Applications can be downloaded here or may be mailed to inmates upon request.


English Proficiency

All international students must demonstrate the ability to understand and speak English, as all instruction, reading, and coursework will be done in English. Applicants must pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The following minimum scores are required for acceptance at CCBC:

    500- Paper-based test
    173- Computer-based test
    62- Internet-based test


CCBC’s TOEFL Code is 4749.

Information about TOEFL may be obtained from:

P.O. Box 61512
Princeton, NJ, 08541-6151


International Transcripts

Students who have completed secondary or postsecondary education outside of the United States and desire to pursue a degree must submit an evaluation of foreign credentials from an evaluating agency. Please allow ample time for processing. Any non-English documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation, including a course-by-course evaluation.

International Transcript Evaluation

*CCBC is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.