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Audit Application

For those wishing to audit courses online. Audit courses will not transfer into a degree program and are only for personal enrichment.

Re-admittance Form

For students who have taken classes within the last 5 years but have been inactive for over 12 months.

Courses Offered

This is the Distance Learning Catalog; in it, you will find all the relevant information in regards to the Online Program and the Prison Program.

Withdrawal Form

Please download the fillable Withdrawal Form and email the completed form to

Refund Policy

Refunds are assessed from the date a student submits a course withdrawal request in writing to the Online Learning office, not from the date they stop participating in a course. Refunds are only given in check form, and may take up to three weeks to process. No refunds will be given for administration fees, since CCBC incurs administrative costs as soon as students register for courses.

The following schedule determines the percentage of the tuition ($110 per credit) that can be refunded:

Dropped prior to the add/drop deadline (first week of a term)– 100% of tuition (administrative fees are non-refundable)
Courses withdrawn by the end of the second week– 70% of tuition
Courses dropped by the end of the third week– 60% of tuition
Courses dropped by the end of the fourth week– 50% of tuition
Courses dropped by the end of the fifth week– 40% of tuition
There are no refunds after the end of the fifth week– 0%

Graduation Worksheet

You are responsible for tracking your own graduation progress; this form will help you keep track of your credits towards graduation. Once you have the necessary credits you can complete the petition for graduation.

Petition For Graduation 

Please request the current semester’s Petition to Graduate forms from the Distance Learning office. This form is for students who are expecting to graduate within the next semester. If all Graduation material is not submitted by the deadline students will be eligible for graduation the following semester.

Evangelistic Outreach Form

Graduates must participate in an Evangelistic Outreach at some point while attending CCBC and submit the Evangelistic Outreach form to the Distance Learning Office.


Prison Education Program

Prison Application

This is the Application for those applying to the Prison Education Program. Fill it out in its entirety and submit to the Distance Learning office.

Inside Sponsor Form 

The Inside Sponsor Form should be filled out by the student’s contact inside of the prison. (Chaplain/Education Department)

Outside Sponsor Form 

The Outside Sponsor Form should be filled out by the student’s financial & communication liaison outside of prison.