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Homeschool Dual Enrollment Program

final-51Thank you for your interest in participating in Calvary Chapel Bible College’s new Dual Enrollment Program! We are excited to launch this aspect of our Main Campus and Distance Learning department that will allow homeschooling high school students to accumulate CCBC college credits while also being able to count them as elective high school credit. Starting in the fall of 2015 we will be offering our Distance Learning courses at 50% off tuition (up to 18 credits total) just for homeschoolers!

Key points about the program and the application process: 

  • Students will need to submit a standard online application by clicking HERE. The application fee is $50, and it is a one-time fee. If your child decides to attend CCBC as a part-time or full-time college student in the future, they will not be required to reapply.
  • This program is for students 16 years old or older. A representative from the Distance Learning department will follow up with, a parent/guardian, upon completion of the application if the student is under 18 years old.
  • Current high school transcripts are required, but we understand that they will not be complete. They will need to be updated annually.
  • In Essay 11 of the online application, the final question is: “Why do you desire to attend CCBC?” The student must indicate that they are a homeschooler applying to the Dual Enrollment Program.
  • College level reading and writing skills will be required for essay-style term papers. We offer a helpful style guide online to aid in academic research citations.
  • Acceptance is on an individual basis; provisional/certificate and audit options are available.
  • Cost: 50% tuition discount ($110/credit $55/credit!) Homeschool students 16 or older may take up to 6 credits per enrollment period up to 18 credits total. After a student has reached 18 credits within the Dual Enrollment program classes will be full tuition price through Distance Learning. There is an administration fee of $50/course. Books average $30/course (we can adjust the price to reflect as without the cost of books if you already have access to the required course materials).
  • A 2 credit CCBC course is a 16-week term for which students can receive one year of high school credit.
  • CCBC classes can apply to an Honors Class 5.0 grading scale.

Homeschooling families are welcome to contact the Distance Learning department at any time for academic advisement. Calvary Chapel Bible College recognizes the value of home-based education, our desire is to support students on their academic journey by providing a high-quality Biblical education at a more accessible cost. We exist to “Know God and Equip Servants,” and we believe in equipping servants before they reach college level by letting them get a head start on their Biblical education at the college level, even while still in high school.

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