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Tuition and Fees


Application Fee

(Waived through the end of 2018.)

    • $50
    • (Prison Program application fee is reduced to $25)


Online Program Tuition

Through the online program, students purchase courses individually. The tuition price is broken down per credit and per course. Most students take a few courses at a time on a part-time basis.  Regular Distance Learning tuition is as follows:

  • $110 per credit Tuition
  • $50 per course Administration Fee
  • Textbook costs vary by course


Prison Program, International Student Program, and Audit Tuition

This tuition schedule is for students who have been enrolled in these specific programs.

  • $100 per course
  • Textbook costs vary by course


New: Full-Time Tuition

For students who wish to take a full-time course schedule, we have developed an optional full-time tuition. To be eligible for full-time, students must take a minimum of 15 credits. Students may take up to 22 credits for the enrollment. Please contact the Distance Learning office to enroll.

  • $2,000

Includes: Tuition (15-22 credits), Believer’s Bible Commentary, Access to online resources, and Online Student Database Management (Payment includes $400 non-refundable Admin Fee).


Payment Procedures

All tuition accounts are due and payable on the day of registration. Course registration is not complete until all fees are paid in full. Currently, we do not offer payment plans through Distance Learning. Tuition payments can be made by a major credit or debit card that is Visa or MasterCard. Students desiring to pay by money order or personal check can make checks payable to Calvary Chapel Bible College. Include the student’s name in the memo line. Returned checks due to insufficient funds will incur a processing fee.


Refund Policy

Refunds are assessed from the date a student submits a course withdrawal form to the Distance Learning office, not from the date they stop participating in a course. Refunds are only by check and may take up to three weeks to process. No refunds will be given for administration fees or textbook costs at any time.

The following schedule determines the percent of the tuition ($110. per credit) that can be refunded:

Courses dropped prior to the start date– 100% of tuition
Courses dropped by the end of the second week– 70% of tuition
Courses dropped by the end of the third week– 60% of tuition
Courses dropped by the end of the fourth week– 50% of tuition
Courses dropped by the end of the fifth week– 40% of tuition
There are no refunds after the end of the fifth week– 0%