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Please enjoy these free video lectures from our Distance Learning Galatians class taught by Pastor Jason Cunningham. This course is a chapter by chapter, verse by verse study of Paul’s epistle to the churches in the region of Galatia. Our goal is to establish an understanding of the main theme of the epistle, as well as developing a working knowledge of each chapter of the book of Galatians. If you are interested in taking Galatians or any of our classes for credit, we offer the entire 2 year program online.

Introduction & Galatians 1:1-3
Galatians 1:4-9
Galatians 1:10-24
Galatians 2:1-13
Galatians 2:14-21
Galatians 2:21-3:9
Galatians 3:9-25
Galatians 3:26-4:7
Galatians 4:7-20
Galatians 4:21-5:4
Galatians 5:1-19
Galatians 5:20-6:9
Galatians 6:9-18