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Prison Education is one of the lesser known but growing programs in Distance Learning. The Prison Education program provides the same courses and education opportunities that on-campus students have. We work with students to develop an education plan that fits their particular situation. After connecting with inside and outside sponsors, students are able to begin pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies. We have recently been partnering with churches that are already involved in prison ministry and it has been a true blessing to see the fruit that has come from these connections. We continually receive letters of thanks and stories of how classes are blessing students and those who are involved in the lives of these students.

How can you get involved?


We currently have an entire program designed for incarcerated students. What we need is contact with more students. If you are involved with a ministry that is currently working inside of prison please contact us and we will send you everything you need to help students start their application.


We have many students who desire to take classes but they need outside sponsors. This person helps facilitate course payments and communication with the student.

If you want to get involved contact us at