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CCBC Conference Credit

CCBC students have a chance to earn 2 credits this summer!

The Calvary Global Network, Pastors and Leaders Conference is a valuable 4 day conference that takes place from June 25th-28th at Calvary Chapel Cost Mesa. Students enrolled at CCBC have the unique opportunity to attend this conference while earning credit that applies to their course of study at CCBC. The conference theme, “The Power of the Gospel,” is based on Paul’s statement in Romans 1:16.

TH101 – Lectures in Ministry & Theology (2 Credits)

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:

  1. Be equipped to be impactful ministers of the gospel.
  2. Gain deeper insight, from leaders in ministry on the gospel message.
  3. Grow in his or her relationship with the Lord.


  1. Session/Workshop Notes: Students will be required to take notes for each session and workshop that they attend, this is how attendance will be tracked.
  2. Discussion: Students will be required to meet with the instructor at designated times of the conference to engage in thoughtful discussion about the sessions and workshops.
  3. Book Report: Students are required to read their required text book and write a 4 page paper. The assigned book is Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstilt. Please purchase the book in advance (Kindle, Hardcover, Audible) and bring it with you each day.
  4. Personal Interaction Paper: Students are required to complete a 3 page paper where they reflect thoughtfully and critically on the lectures and workshops at the Pastors and Leaders Conference.


You’ll meet with the course teacher, Andy Deane, on Monday at 12:30pm for your course orientation. You’ll also get together on Tuesday/Wednesday during lunch from 11:30-1:00pm for group discussion and finally at 10:15am on Thursday to wrap things up. You will attend each of the 10 sessions, 2 Q&A panels and 2 workshops of their choice. The official conference schedule can be found here.  You’ll be contacted by the teacher to discuss where to meet before the conference starts.

The conference price for current CCBC students has been discounted to $25 (for no housing) and $200 (if you need housing). Current CCBC students can use coupon code BCS to receive this $125 discount off the price.  To receive credit for this course you’ll need to pay for the conference, plus $220 to CCBC for this two-credit course before the start of the conference. Call (951)696-5944 to pay by phone or pay online.

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