Featured Alumni: Carleigh Watts

Meet Carleigh Watts, CCBC Alumnus From Spring 2017!

The Lord has been using Carleigh to minister to others through worship ministry, and her job at Calvary Chapel Magazine. Check out the rest of Carleigh’s story below to see the work the Lord is doing through her in Virginia.

1. Have you been involved in any ministries since graduating CCBC?

My home church, Calvary Chapel Fredericksburg, was going through a transition around the same time that the Lord called me back home to Virginia. The former worship leaders were moving on to start a church plant. A few months after moving home after graduation, I started helping in the worship ministry at church as one of the worship leaders alongside my now fiancé, Micah Martin. The Lord has allowed us to serve Him in church ministry and in learning how to serve one another as we prepare for marriage.

2. What type of jobs/ careers have you worked?

Right after graduation, I started working as an Office Manager for Calvary Chapel Magazine (CCM), which is located in the same building as my home church Calvary Chapel Fredericksburg, VA. I knew that the Lord was calling me to serve him in Virginia after graduation, but I was unsure of what I would be doing. The Lord provided this job one month before Bible College was over. I continue to work for CCM alongside my fiancé Micah Martin, who is a photographer for CCM.

3. How has your time at CCBC prepared you for ministry, work, and life in general?

The Lord showed me a new part of my life that I needed to surrender to Him each semester. Whether it was breaking down my pride, teaching me the importance of the Body of Christ, knowing the beauty of being still before God, or showing me how little faith I had in His plan. These are important lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. In ministry, work, and life there will always be many moments when there is uncertainty or frustration with everyday life or with people, but when I come back to the simple lessons learned at Bible College I remember that my sole purpose is to live for and love the Lord and love the people around me with Christ’s love.

4. What have you been up to since graduating CCBC?

I’ve continued to grow. That’s right, graduation doesn’t mean you have arrived! Life outside of Bible College is very different from life during or before Bible College. There are bills to pay, responsibilities to fulfill, and a whole life to live. Bible College taught me how much I still have to learn about the Lord and His Word now more than ever, but also gave me a passion to continue pressing forward because He is faithful! I also gained a new understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work in my life to convict me, empower me, and direct me. Though life outside of Bible College is different, the Lord and His goodness remain the same!

5.  Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to share with our current CCBC students?

Your time at Bible College is invaluable, not a waste of time. It is something that you will not regret if you allow God to work in your heart through the reading, studying, and hearing of His Word. Don’t take your time at Bible College for granted. Take advantage of the fact that you will probably never again have this much time to focus solely on studying God’s Word and drawing close to Him. Be intentional with people around you. You never know the connections you are creating through the relationships you are building at Bible College. The friendships that you will make at Bible College could be your future ministry partners!