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15 February 2019
 February 15, 2019

Featured Alumni: Matt With

Meet Matt With, CCBC 2017 Alumnus.


What have you been up to since graduating CCBC?

Since graduating CCBC I moved down to Vista, California to attend an internship in the high school ministry, at Calvary Chapel Vista. I interned in the High School ministry for 7 months and then through a series of events came on staff as the Jr High Pastor in August. Since then, I have been loving and serving a group of amazing students!


Have you been involved in any ministries since graduating CCBC?

Yes, I have been involved in a little bit of everything. I interned in High School ministry, was in involved in the worship and music ministry, am now pastoring the Jr High ministry, and have the opportunity and privilege to occasionally teach in our Young Adult ministry.


What type of jobs/careers have you worked?

Since graduating from CCBC, I have worked 3 jobs. When I first graduated I was interning and doing some manual labor and side jobs. I then continued interning and was nannying for a family. Now I am a pastor on staff, but occasionally will be doing all three of those at times.

How did your time at CCBC prepare you for ministry, work, and life in general?

   CCBC did an amazing job preparing me for all of the work and ministry opportunities that have come my way! Because I am in vocational ministry, many times my work and ministry will flow together, and it can be hard to balance at times. CCBC prepared me greatly for this. There were many weeks at CCBC where I had my M199 as well as projects to complete and sermon prep to do. It wasn’t to the same degree as it is now, but it taught me how to balance all of those activities.

The theological, and Biblical training from CCBC has greatly impacted the ministry the Lord has placed me in. It is a huge blessing to pull out my notes or recordings from “Disciple Making” class with Andy Deane and layout and plan how individual and group discipleship is going to look like in the Calvary Vista Jr High.

CCBC also laid a great Biblical foundation, as well as relational foundation for my whole life in general. I have friends that I know I will have for life thanks to the grace of God, through CCBC.


Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to share with our current CCBC students?

  To any current CCBC student I would say a couple things:

1.) Take advantage of the time you have at CCBC, get discipled by your dorm steward or someone on staff. The Lord is completely sovereign and faithful, but what you put in is truly what you are going to get out! Redeem your time God has given you there!

 2.) Be faithful with exactly what God has given you THAT day! It can be easy to become overwhelmed and stressed with the homework you have, your chuck tracts, and where or what you are going to do the next semester. Don’t let the enemy steal the joy of today! You’re chucks will get done 1 chuck at a time, and the Lord will be faithful to lead and guide you where you need to be! Don’t lose the joy of today, because you are too stressed about tomorrow! As Spurgeon once said, “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”

Keep pressing on, God is so faithful!

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