Featured Alumni: Micah Martin

Meet Micah Martin, CCBC Alumnus from Fall 2016

Check out what our alumnus Micah Martin has been up to after his time at Calvary Chapel Bible College.

What have you been up to since graduating CCBC?

       Since graduating CCBC and finishing my internship there, I was called to move to Virginia to work for Calvary Chapel Magazine. Along with working there, I became the worship leader for Calvary Chapel Fredericksburg.

I have been traveling all around the U.S. covering various ministries and events within the Calvary family. When I’m at home, I serve alongside my best friend and future wife Carleigh Watts! 😊 We lead the worship ministry at CC Fredricksburg.

What type of jobs/careers have you worked?

      After I graduated from CCBC I interned for the marketing department. Later the Lord opened up doors for me to become a professional photojournalist for Calvary Chapel magazine.

  How has your time at CCBC prepared you for ministry, work, and life in general?

       It prepared me in a way I never would have thought! I was able to take worship leadership classes and videography for ministry, but most importantly I worked with people and built meaningful relationships that turned into discipleship. It has been through the gifts the Lord has given me and refined in me at CCBC that helped me learn everything I know now. CCBC also showed me the importance of balancing a busy schedule and still making Jesus my whole schedule each day. There are times when I can forget, like any other CCBC student, and let the busyness of homework, classes, and friends distract me from the sole purpose of growing, serving, and deepening my relationship with God. That is when I remember the lessons—good and bad—that I learned at CCBC, which have helped me today.

Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to share with our current CCBC students?

       Invest in the small relationships that God places in front of you. Don’t get caught up, like I did, with trying to be in every little group or click. You’re only setting yourself up for failure. Find that one person to whom you can confide in and grow with and be sharpened by. Knowing everyone is not knowing anyone truly, on a deep level. Be open and honest, be yourself, and be willing to show that you are not perfect. Especially you, pastor or ministry kids. Being one myself, I know that feeling/thinking you have to uphold a certain image only destroys you on the inside and Satan loves that. Jesus said to come as you are. “Come as you”. Let Jesus be your identity.