Featured Alumni: Molly Kruzel

Meet Molly Kruzel, CCBC alumnus from 2011.

Molly has traveled around the world ministering to others after her time here at CCBC. From Peru, to England, to Korea, and back here in the US, the Lord has been using Molly in to bless the lives of those she meets.

What have you been up to since graduating from CCBC?

So much! I remember the day that I graduated from CCBC very clearly. I cried and hugged my friends and was genuinely heartbroken to leave such a beautiful place where the Lord was so present and it was so easy to sit at His feet and worship. I never could have imagined the amazing adventures waiting for me though. In eight years, I’ve lived on 3 continents and traveled around the world. I honestly never intended to travel at all, and actually, have a crippling fear of flying. The Lord has used my travels and adventures to grow me in strength, courage, and confidence in Him.

Have you been involved in any ministries since graduating CCBC?

After graduating, I returned to the CCBC campus in Peru where I had done my 3rd semester abroad. I interned there during the transition semester where they moved the Bible college up into the Andes mountains. That semester ended with the local mountain dwellers going on strike against an American gold mine. The US embassy evacuated us via air because the strike had closed off the only road down the mountain. What a crazy adventure!

I also was able to serve in England for two years at Calvary Chapel Exeter. Exeter is located about 3 hours south of London by train. Pastor Bob Claycamp had been a visiting teacher during my 4th semester and I was his TA. Being from Phoenix as well, our paths crossed several times after my graduation. When he and his wife Jeanne moved to Exeter, they invited me to come intern and help with their thriving university ministry. The church was located only a few blocks from the University of Exeter and our weekly student Bible studies drew British and international students from all over the world. I came to love those students like younger siblings and enjoyed cooking for them and leading girls Bible study groups. When my time in England came to a close, the Lord gave me a special gift in the form of airline points to fly to Asia and visit some of those students in their home countries. I will never forget those incredible adventures!

What types of jobs/careers have you worked?

After I returned from England, I went back to school to earn my education degree. I was then offered a job teaching English in South Korea. I loved the country and my adorable Korean Kindergarteners. Unfortunately, I became very ill and had to return home much sooner than expected. It was a difficult time for me because I had clearly felt the Lord’s leading to go to Korea. To give up and return home filled me with doubts and failure.

The Lord did not leave me in that limbo stage for long, however. In the new year, I was offered a job teaching at the preschool at Calvary Chapel North Phoenix. What began as a small outreach to the community has blossomed into a vibrant, growing preschool and kindergarten. I am thrilled to work there! My preschools are hilarious and precious and filled the gap in my heart left by my Korean students. The Lord gave back so much more than what He asked me to give up. Are there hard days? Yes. They test my patience. Sometimes I yell when I should be gentle. Sometimes I fail to show them grace. Often I am keenly aware that they are watching my every move and mimicking my actions. I feel incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to teach them during such formative years of their lives. In my class, we start the day with prayer. We talk to Jesus. We sing about Jesus. We learn about Bible heroes and read stories of grace, miracles, and redemption. How could there be a better job?

How has your time at CCBC prepared you for ministry, work, and life in general?

A love for missions grew in my heart during my time at CCBC. I’ve always been a really cautious and somewhat fearful person. I never would have imagined myself going to Peru and certainly never Asia! CCBC was a catalyst of sorts that launched me out of my comfort zone and into the world. I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have had to serve on foreign fields. Many of those opportunities came from connections made at CCBC. My mom always says: “God uses everything in preparation for something else.”

Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to share with our current CCBC students?

Don’t compare yourself. Everyone is on their own journey and walk with the Lord. It’s so easy to feel depressed when seeing friends on Instagram who seem to have it all together. Their filtered life of full-time ministry looks so great! I have fallen prey to this. I try to remember that people are struggling with things that we know nothing about. So turn off the social media and make these special two years about you and Jesus. Become comfortable in His presence. Ask Him to be your best friend. Be open to His leading. You never know what He has planned next!