Featured Alumni: Zane Persaud

Featured Alumni: Zane Persaud

Meet our Fall 2016 alumnus Zane Persaud.

1. What have you been up to since graduating CCBC?

Since graduating from CCBC I completed two ministry internships, one as a dean of men intern with CCBC, and the second with the Equipping for Ministry (EFM) internship.  I now serve as an intern to one of the pastors at Reliance Church while working at the Murrieta Hot Springs Conference Center as a videographer.

2. Have you been involved in any ministries since graduating CCBC?

After CCBC, I got involved with the On The Edge youth discipleship program which is a program that happened here on the Bible College campus. This was an incredible blessing as I got to see God radically change and sanctify the youth. I am also involved with the various ministries at Reliance church. As an intern, I get to experience a little bit of every ministry.

3. What type of jobs/careers have you worked?

I have actually worked on an interesting variety of jobs. My first job was as an assistant for a photography company. Next, I took up jobs at In-N-Out and Barnes & Noble. These jobs allowed me to save up to go to Bible College. They also prepared me for the jobs I got at the conference center, in Murrieta Hot Springs, during the summer and winter breaks in dishwashing, housekeeping, and retreat support for guests. Currently, I enjoy working on the creative team as a videographer for the MHS Conference Center.

4. How has your time at CCBC prepared you for ministry, work, and life in general?

CCBC prepared me in some of the best ways possible for ministry. I entered Bible college thinking I had a solid foundation and at least a decent knowledge of the Bible and ministry, as I had served at my church prior to attending. However, the Lord showed me through the classes, teaching, and godly fellowship that I had more to learn. The solid foundation became sure during Bible College and that has translated to a genuine and real faith that can stand through good and bad times. This solid foundation has positively affected my work ethic, my quality of life, and the ministry in front of me. I wouldn’t trade the lessons I learned at Bible College for the world.

5. Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to share with our current CCBC students?

Word of wisdom: my two years at CCBC blew by so fast I don’t even understand it. Make the most of this sweet time, pray with your peers as those people will be the only ones you take later into your life, dive into the word in your personal time with God,  and be aware of the things can distract you. Most of all know God loves you every single day and has no condemnation for you when you mess up. That has helped me through much.