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Financial Aid

Our aim is to keep the biblical higher education that we offer affordable. While college costs have skyrocketed across the U.S., we attempt to keep tuition as inexpensive as possible to allow more students the opportunity to study at CCBC without being burdened by loans and the interest that accompanies them. Our philosophy is to train up men and women in God’s word and see them complete their Bible College program free from any school debt; ready to serve and represent Jesus Christ wherever His Spirit calls them.

Calvary Chapel Bible College does not currently participate in government-funded financial aid programs or guaranteed student loans. Since CCBC is currently pursuing accreditation, the Bible College may be eligible to participate in these programs in the future. However, our commitment to providing affordable biblical higher education will remain one of core values. Please consider our in-house payment plan options. 

CCBC does not currently have an OPE ID number.


Apply for Scholarships

We recently started an institutional scholarship fund for on-campus students. Students may complete the CCBC Institutional Scholarship application at the direction of the admissions office. Application must be completed at least 60 days before the start of each semester. The scholarship committee will review the application and determine if funds may be awarded. Students will receive an email notification of the committee’s decision after the applications have been reviewed. Please note that institutional scholarship availability is limited and based upon donations and fundraising for the year. CCBC Scholarships can not be combined. The college reserves the right to change institutional financial aid should the status of a student change.


Priority for institutional aid is given to full-time on-campus students with financial need who have earned a GPA of 2.5 or greater in high school or during the previous semester at college.

Students applying to receive an institutional scholarship must:

1. Complete the application using this link: Scholarship Application Link

2. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5

3. Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester

CCBC trains students from many different denominations each semester, however as affiliates of Calvary Chapel we offer the following on-campus discounts to those that qualify. Students may receive up to a $750 discount if they are the child of a Calvary Chapel pastor (senior, assistant or associate) or Calvary Chapel sponsored missionary. Application must be completed before the start of each semester. Once your application has been received and verified by our Finance Department approval of your discount will be applied to your account and you will receive email confirmation. CCBC Scholarships can not be combined.


Students applying to receive a Pastor & Missionary scholarship must:

1. Complete the application using this link: Scholarship Application

2. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5

3. Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester

We offer our off-campus and Online Learning courses at 50% off tuition (up to 18 credits total) for high school students who want to earn college credit. Application for Dual Enrollment is completed during the admission process.

Tax Information

As of 2020, Calvary Chapel Bible College has not been independently recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to issue 1098-T forms and does not yet have a federal school code/OPEID number. CCBC is an auxiliary of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. While donations are tax-deductible, the costs for attending Calvary Chapel Bible College are not yet generally eligible for a tax deduction. Additionally, payments made to CCBC for a specific student’s tuition cannot be considered donations and therefore cannot be written off as such. CCBC is also unable to provide any tax I.D. numbers. If in doubt, please seek advice from a professional tax preparer.

Calendar & Dates

Fall 2020- Payments must be made or arranged on or before December 15th. New Student Arrival Day is January 11th. Classes begin January 14th

Fundraising Ideas

We understand that some students feel called by the Lord to attend CCBC, and yet they are having a difficult time coming up with the money for tuition. We want to encourage those students to pray! The Lord is able to provide even when you don’t see how it’s possible. CCBC has aimed to keep the tuition affordable to allow for as many students as possible to attend. The following are some recommendations on how you can come up with your tuition payment.

  1. Apply for a job and be diligent to save your money!
  2. Talk to your parents and extended family about your desire to attend CCBC and ask for their help.
  3. Ask if you can make an announcement at church, explaining your desire, asking if anyone has work (yard work/housework) they need help with.
  4. Mail support letters to your extended family and friends asking them to prayerfully assist you.
  5. Create an online fundraising campaign at and share it on social media.
  6. Apply for Christian scholarships online (contact them to see if CCBC is an eligible institution).
  7. Contact CCBC about setting up a payment plan to pay the full tuition over an extended period of time in smaller payments.
  8. Remember that you have a personal URL on Populi that you can email to people so that they can pay directly into your tuition account.

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