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GPP: Employers

We want to help meet your needs by connecting you with CCBC graduates who are ready to serve and make an impact. The Graduate Placement Program is our way of making those connections accessible. If you have any internship or job opportunities that you would like to make available to our graduates, then we can help you get set up on our website.

The Benefits of a CCBC Graduate
Each pre-screened CCBC graduate from our two-year program has:
– Received over 700 hours of well-rounded, expositional Bible teaching.
– Completed 400 hours of practical service on campus (e.g., Landscaping, Kitchen, Office, Retreat Support, etc.)
– Participated in a mission trip and/or evangelistic outreach.
– Listened to Pastor Chuck Smith teach through the entire Bible.
– Had opportunities for additional discipleship, service, and training.
– A desire to put to use the knowledge and skills acquired at Bible College

Types of Opportunities
We are looking for various types of opportunities for our Graduate Placement Program including:
– Paid and unpaid internships.
– Part-time and full-time jobs.
– Seasonal and temporary employment.
– Missionary work.
– Positions at churches, ministries, camps, schools, and other organizations.

How To Get Started
If you would like to be involved, please click the “Create Account” button below to get started. This will bring you to our Alumni site, on which the Graduate Placement Program is hosted. Please register for an account with a “Business Friends” role. After you register, we can verify your account and you will be able to post opportunities and communicate with our graduates. Our team is here to assist you through this process.


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