iTunes University (3 Free Video Classes)

Here at the Bible College we want to share with you something new that we are offering and are really excited about, we have put three of our classes on iTunes university for free! The classes are: Bible Study Methods with Andy Deane, History of Redemption with Dave Shirley and Galatians with Jason Cunningham. We think this will help people who might be considering coming out to the Bible College in Murrieta to get a good idea of what they would experience in the classroom while they’re here. We also hope that it will be an opportunity for some to share what the teaching is like here and possibly encourage others to think about coming. We are proud of the teachers that we have on staff here and know that you would enjoy gleaning wisdom and insight from their teaching as much as we do.

We know that moving out to California to take a season away from the world to study the Word of God is a big commitment and we want to do everything we can to assure you that we truly believe its the right decision! If you’re considering attending, or maybe you never have, we encourage you to take some moments to listen to the classes on iTunes university and consider if the Lord may be leading you to take classes here at our Murrieta campus or online through our distance learning department. Click the link below to get started.

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