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Non-Degree Programs

Our emphasis is on knowing God and being equipped to serve Him. If you would like to study the Bible in-depth but are not interested in obtaining a degree, we encourage you to explore our non-degree options, including the non-credit certificate of completion.


Non-Degree Programs

Diploma in Biblical Studies (D.B.S.)
This for-credit program includes all the Core Requirements of the Associate of Biblical Studies, with no required general studies courses. The Diploma program allows students to take more Bible, theology, and ministry courses in place of the general education requirements of the Associate and Bachelor degree programs.

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Essentials Certificate in Biblical Studies (E.C.B.S)
Designed for gap year students and part-time evening students at the Costa Mesa extension, this program includes essential courses from the Diploma program with only the New Testament Bible Core courses. It can be completed in nine months (two semesters) of full-time study or 18 months (three semesters) of part-time, evening study. All courses transfer toward the Associate and Bachelor programs.
Continuous Learning Program
Students who take courses for academic credit but have no intention of completing a program within the near future are welcome to enroll as continuous learners. All courses transfer toward the Associate and Bachelor programs, should the student desire to enroll in those degree programs at a future time.
Certificate of Completion
The Certificate of Completion program follows the same 2-year course of study as the Diploma in Biblical Studies, but is a non-credit program intended for students who have not completed high school or are not prepared for college-level studies
Emphasis Programs
Our Emphasis Program is available as a 12-unit emphasis within the degree programs. Think of your emphasis program as your “minor” while you are at Bible college. It’s a special focus based on where you believe the Lord is leading you after you graduate, or what you are interested in. Currently we offer 5 different Emphasis options, below are a brief description of each.
Christian Leadership Emphasis
Leadership is primarily about influence, which means we can all be leaders. This program is for who feel called to serve in youth ministry, pastoral ministry, women's ministry, or children's ministry.

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Discipleship Emphasis
We are excited to partner with Patmos Discipleship to offer this emphasis program on our campus. Students will take all of the required courses for this emphasis in just one semester and must fulfill other requirements for a D.B.S., A.B.S. or B.B.S. degree as well.

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Worship Leadership Emphasis
Prepares those who are gifted musically to lead worship, with the right heart and focus, in various ministry settings

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Missions & Evangelism Emphasis
Intended to equip those who have an interest in proclaiming the Gospel and training disciples of Jesus Christ abroad.

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Christian Apologetics Emphasis
Focuses on building the faith of believers and equipping Christians to defend the Christian faith with humility.

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Non-Credit Programs

Certificate of Completion
Students in the Certificate of Completion program attend classes in the same course of study as the Diploma in Biblical Studies, but do so in a non-credit program intended for students who have not completed high school or are not prepared for college-level, graded assignments.
Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Students with learning challenges may request an IEP by contacting the CCBC Registrar. The same course of study is followed but students are graded on a non-credit, Pass/Fail system based on the individual student’s ability and effort. Upon graduation, students who complete their IEP will receive a Certificate of Completion. These students may be enrolled in Academic Lab where they will be able to check in with the Registrar on a weekly basis to discuss their progress. Pass/Fail credits earned in an IEP cannot be later converted to letter grades or transferred toward a degree program, and are not considered college-level courses. Students who want to enroll in an IEP and have their work graded on a Pass/Fail basis must meet with the Registrar before enrolling in classes to discuss the student’s academic ability and agree on an acceptable standard of grading for the student’s work.
Off-campus students may audit classes for personal enrichment. Students earn an “AU” if he/she attended a minimum of 75% of the class (11 sessions for weekly classes), otherwise they will receive a “UA” for “Unsuccessful Audit”. Audit students must sign the sign in sheet at class. No college credit is given and students who audit a class may not change the class to a credit class at any time. There is no degree or certificate credit awarded for classes that are audited. A student may take classes for credit and audit, but only the classes taken for credit will apply toward a degree.

"But let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. For in these things I delight, declares the Lord.

Jeremiah 9:24