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Non Degree Programs

AUDIT: (Personal Enrichment)
Off-campus students may audit classes for personal enrichment. Students earn an “AU” if he/she attended a minimum of 75% of the class (11 sessions for weekly classes), otherwise they will receive a “UA” for “Unsuccessful Audit”. Audit students must sign the sign in sheet at class. No college credit is given and students who audit a class may not change the class to a credit class at any time. There is no degree or certificate credit awarded for classes that are audited. A student may take classes for credit and audit, but only the classes taken for credit will apply toward a degree.
The Certificate of Completion program follows the same 2-year course of study, but is intended for students who have not completed high school or have learning difficulties. INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PROGRAM (IEP): Students with learning disabilities may request an IEP by contacting the CCBC Registrar. The same course of study is followed but students are graded on a Pass/Fail system based on the individual student’s ability and effort. Upon graduation, students who complete their IEP will receive a Certificate of Completion. These students may be enrolled in Academic Lab where they will be able to check in with the Registrar on a weekly basis to discuss their progress. Pass/Fail credits earned in an IEP cannot be later converted to letter grades or transferred toward a degree program, and are not considered college-level courses. Students who want to enroll in an IEP and have their work graded on a Pass/Fail basis must meet with the Registrar before enrolling in classes to discuss the student’s academic ability and agree on an acceptable standard of grading for the student’s work.