Options for Local Students

Do you live near Murrieta, CA?

We invite you to take courses as an off-campus student. We offer around 35 courses each semester with a wide range of topics including books of the Bible, ministry preparation and general education. Classes meet once a week for 14 weeks during mornings and evenings, Monday-Friday. Our campus is only a short drive from Temecula, Wildomar, Menifee, Perris, Lake Elsinore, Fallbrook, Deluz, Rainbow, Winchester, Hemet, and Canyon Lake. We even have students commuting from San Diego. Join us this upcoming semester and be equipped for life and ministry. 

Off-Campus Programs

Off-campus students have unique life and ministry commitments. Many of our off-campus students are practically involved in ministry or looking to personally grow deeper in their understanding of the Word. Programs available to off-campus students include:

  • Degree Programs- All degree programs can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Degree Completion- Students who have previously completed General Studies or Bible courses at an accredited institution can submit their transcripts for review. Students may be closer to completing a degree program than they originally thought.
  • Continuous Learning Program- Students who want to take courses for academic credit without planning to complete a degree program within the near future.
  • Audit and Personal Enrichment- Take courses for personal enrichment rather than college-credit. Auditors are required to attend 75% of required sessions to receive a successful audit. Auditors are not required to submit homework assignments.
  • Audit as a Group- A CCBC class can be a great way for groups to change up their Bible study routines. If you are a part of a Bible study group or home group please consider bringing the whole group with you for 14 weeks to change things up a bit.
  • Dual Enrollment- High school students can take courses for college credit.

Campus Resources

Off-campus students have access to campus and learning resources. Campus resources include: 

  • Library access, Complete research, check out books, and more.
  • Student services events and fellowship, including bonfires, banquet, all night of prayer, evangelism, intramural sports, etc.
  • The Overflowing Cup Coffeehouse and Springs of Life Bookstore are located on-campus.

Semester Schedule

Length & Time: Classes meet once a week for 2-3 hours and last 14 weeks.

Tuition & Fees

Learn more about the current tuition rates for students.

Announcement Slides

Please use these slides to let your church family know about classes at CCBC.

Interested in being an Off-Campus student?

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Can't make it to Murrieta this semester?

Online learning is designed for students who need a flexible learning schedule. Online learning features:

  • Multiple start dates throughout the year.
  • Instructor interaction in every course.
  • Flexible learning for full-time, part-time, and audit students.

"To Know God and Equip His Servants."