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We strive to teach the Word simply and keep our tuition affordable to allow more students the opportunity to grow and be equipped to serve the Lord. It is our desire that as every student completes their course of study, they leave with no indebtedness, and are free to serve in whatever capacity the Lord is calling them to. The following information is designed to help you successfully navigate our financial information. 

Cost of Tuition

Online and Directed Study

Audit and Prison Program

How do I Pay?

All tuition accounts are due and payable on the day of registration. Course registration is not complete until all fees are paid in full. 

Check (Personal, Bank Check or Money Orders). Make Payable to “Calvary Chapel Bible College” and include Student’s Full Legal Name and student ID Number.

Mail to:
CCBC Student Finances Office
39407 Murrieta Hot Springs Road
Murrieta, CA 92563.

Pay on Populi Log into your Populi account Populi account>My Profile>Financial Tab. On the right side you will find two links: (1) ‘Make a payment’ – Click and it will open a section for you to make your payment or (2) ‘Someone else paying?’ – Copy this link and email it to anyone who would like to support you by making a payment directly to your account. This link will last for 30 days.

*A 2.5% convenience fee will be added to all card payments. You may pay by cash or check to avoid this fee.

Cash or Check If you live nearby, the Bible College Office is located at 39407 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, Murrieta, CA 92563. Make checks payable to “Calvary Chapel Bible College”.

Office Hours:
Monday- Thursday: 8:30-11:45am, 1-5pm
Friday: 8:30-11:45am, 1-3pm

Withdrawal & Refund Policies

Withdrawals: Students desiring to withdraw from one or more course(s) are responsible to complete a Course Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Online Learning Coordinator. If a student withdraws from a course or school for any reason after the Withdrawal Deadline (see the Academic Calendar) he/she will receive an Unofficial Withdrawal (UW) for the semester. This calculates as an “F”, affecting the student’s grade point average. Withdrawals prior to the withdrawal deadline, or due to illness or emergencies as approved by the Registrar will result in an Official Withdrawal (W) which will not affect the student’s grade point average. 

Course Withdrawal Form

Refunds are assessed from the date a student submits a withdrawal form to the Online Learning Coordinator, not from the date they stop participating in a class(s). Refunds are only by check and may take two – three weeks to process.

Refund Schedule:

All refund percentages are calculated based on tuition cost. There are no refunds for administrative fees.

WithdrawalRefunded amount
Prior to start of class90% of Tuition
By end of second week70% of Tuition
By end of third week60% of Tuition
By end of fourth week50% of Tuition
By end of fifth week40% of Tuition

There are no refunds given after the 5th week. If a student drops or withdraws from a course, or school during this time they are still liable for the entire cost of tuition. 

Student Testimonial.

We are often encouraged by student testimonials of the Lord providing financially for their needs. Watch Mark Mitcham’s encouraging testimonial of how God miraculously provided the funds for his semester.

If you would like to support students financially to attend CCBC, please consider donating to our Scholarship Fund. 

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*Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice. Please contact our office if you have any questions.