Prison Program

Prison Program Completion Certificate (Non-Credit)

The Prison Education program was developed as a Bible College opportunity for those who are incarcerated. Coursework is completed through a mail-based correspondence method with some policies altered to better fit the prison system and aid the student in completing requirements. Students are required to have an inside sponsor to help facilitate the receiving of course materials from the college and provide the student with access to the course materials in order to complete them in a timely manner. Students are also required to have an outside sponsor to act as a mediator between the student and the college and register students for courses by acting as a financial facilitator. Although these courses do not count for credit toward any programs, a certificate of completion is given to students who finish the courses listed under the Diploma of Biblical Studies program. Students who later wish to enroll in a for-credit certificate, diploma, or degree program may request an evaluation of their prior learning and may receive up to 30 credits toward a for-credit program.

Apply to the Prison Program

The Prison Program application will be completed by the potential student and sent via the mail. The application, three reference forms, and a reduced application fee of $25.00 (currently waived) are required for this process. Students will need to designate their Inside and Outside Sponsors during the application process, both will need to complete a sponsor form that outlines their commitments to the student. The Admissions department is available to answer questions and assist throughout this process.

Register for Courses

Prison Program Tuition

  • $150- Per Course
  • Textbooks and Materials- Students are responsible to purchase or gain access to their textbooks and course materials on their own. Textbook/Material titles can be found on each course's syllabus.

Registration Dates

Registration is required on or before the 17th of the month prior to the desired start date. Courses are six months long.

Term dates: 

February 1st-July 31st>Register on or before January 17th.

March 1st-August 31st>Register on or before February 17th.

April 1st-September 30th>Register on or before March 17th.

May 1st-October 31st>Register on or before April 17th.

June 1st-November 30th>Register on or before May 17th.

July 1st-December 31st>Register on or before June 17th.

August 1st-January 31st>Register on or before July 17th.

September 1st-February 28th/29th>Register on or before August 17th.

October 1st-March 31st>Register on or before September 17th.

November 1st-April 30th>Register on or before October 17th.

December 1st-May 31st>Register on or before November 17th.


Courses Offered

Bible Courses

OT310 Genesis (3 cr.)

OT311 Exodus (2 cr.)

OT312 Leviticus (2 cr.)

OT313 Numbers (2 cr.)

OT314 Deuteronomy (2 cr.)

OT315 Joshua (2 cr.)

OT316 Judges (2 cr.)

OT361 Ruth & Esther (2 cr.)

OT372 I & II Samuel (2 cr.)

OT362 I & II Kings (2 cr.)

OT402 I & II Chronicles (2 cr.)

OT374 Ezra & Nehemiah (2 cr.)

OT327 Job (2 cr.)

OT328 Psalms (3 cr.)

OT329 Proverbs (2 cr.)

OT370 Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon (2 cr.)

OT332 Isaiah (3 cr.)

OT333 Jeremiah (2 cr.)

OT337 Ezekiel (2 cr.)

OT336 Daniel (1 cr.)

OT359 Minor Prophets (2 cr.)

NT351 Matthew (2 cr.)

NT352 Mark (2 cr.)

NT353 Luke (3 cr.)

NT354 John (3 cr.)

NT355 Acts (3 cr.)

NT356 Romans (3 cr.)

NT357 I Corinthians (3 cr.)

NT358 II Corinthians (2 cr.)

NT359 Galatians (2 cr.)

NT360 Ephesians (3 cr.)

NT361 Philippians (2 cr.)

NT362 Colossians (2 cr.)

NT397 I & II Thessalonians  (2 cr.)

NT410 Pastoral Epistles & Philemon  (2 cr.)

NT369 Hebrews  (2 cr.)

NT370 James  (2 cr.)

NT399 I & II Peter  (2 cr.)

NT391 Epistles of John  (2 cr.)

NT376 Jude  (1 cr.)

NT377 Revelation (3 cr.)

NT412 The Life of Christ (3 cr.)

Elective & Core Courses

BC301 Biblical Counseling (2 cr.)

CH301 Church History (2 cr.)

CH305 Women in Church History (2 cr.)

CH321 Missionary Biographies (2 cr.)

CL301 Christian Living (2 cr.)

CL305 Growing in Grace (2 cr.)

CL329 Disciplines of a Godly Woman (1 cr.)

CL335 Marriage Talks (2 cr.)

CM305 Pastoral Ministry (2 cr.)

CM329 Children’s Ministry (2 cr.)

CM361 Youth Ministry (2 cr.)

CM365 Prison Ministry (2 cr.)

ET301 Christian Ethics (2 cr.)

EV301 Evangelism (2 cr.)

MI301 Missions (2 cr.)

MI331 Church Planting (2 cr.)

PT327 Homiletics (2 cr.)

TH310 Theology (2 cr.)

TH311 History of Redemption (2 cr.)

TH337 Science & the Bible (2 cr.)

TH348 Bibliology & Archaeology (2 cr.)

TH365 Apologetic Evangelism (2 cr.)

TH381 Introduction to the Cults (2 cr.)

TH387 Cults & World Religions (2 cr.)

TH391 Introduction to Islam (2 cr.)

TH401 Hermeneutics (2 cr.)

TH416 Bible Study Methods (2 cr.)

WO327 Worship Leadership (2 cr.)


Bible Survey Courses

OT301 Old Testament Survey I (3 cr.)

OT302 Old Testament Survey II (3 cr.)

NT301 New Testament Survey I (3 cr.)

NT302 New Testament Survey II (3 cr.)

Practical Christian Ministry

 CM199 Practical Christian Ministry I (1 cr. or 2 cr.)

CM199 Practical Christian Ministry II (1 cr. or 2 cr.)

CM199 Practical Christian Ministry III (1 cr. or 2 cr.)

CM199 Practical Christian Ministry IV (1 cr. or 2 cr.)

How can you get involved?

Students: We currently have an entire program designed for incarcerated students. What we need is contact with more students. If you are involved with a ministry that is currently working inside of prison please contact us and we will send you everything you need to help students start their application.
Sponsors: We have many students who desire to take classes but they need outside sponsors. This person helps facilitate course payments and communication with the student.
If you want to get involved contact us at

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