Remembering CCBC Teacher Mike Madigan

This morning we learned that our dear brother and CCBC teacher, Pastor Mike Madigan, went home to be with the Lord after battling cancer. Mike has been blessing students by teaching at CCBC since the late 1990s and was one of our most faithful teachers for about 20 years. He will be missed by many students, staff, family, and friends. Please keep his family in your prayers. In lieu of flowers, Pastor Mike Madigan wanted a CCBC scholarship fund set up so that the students he loved would continue to be blessed.

Services for Mike Madigan will be Saturday, April 29th @1pm at:
Calvary Chapel Bible College (in the Auditorium)
39407 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd
Murrieta, CA 92563

Philippians 3:10 was Mike’s life verse. “…That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.”

Since Mike loved CCBC so much, we thought it would be a fitting tribute to show everyone just how much his students loved him! Below you’ll find anonymous feedback from students for the three most recent classes he taught at CCBC. May we all be encouraged to serve our Lord Jesus with as much dedication and faithfulness as Pastor Mike did! As you’ll read below, he made an eternal impact with his life and ministry at CCBC.

Fall 2016 Daniel Class – Student Evaluation Forms

What two or three things about this course did you like the most?

  • “Pastor Mike did a lot of research prior to teaching the class. He gave a lot of great info.”
  • “I was able to really get to understand the book so much more.”
  • “This teacher knew what he was talking about and backed his information up with Scripture, giving sound answers to questions. He showed great care and commitment to the class even in the midst of his cancer.”
  • “This was my favorite class and I loved everything about it, but if I could only choose three favorite things about this course, I would have to say the way these complex prophecies become clear after class discussions/lectures, how each of the memory verses sums up the main point of the chapter so I now have the gist of the book of Daniel memorized, and how the professor taught us with such enthusiasm and humility.”

What do you consider to be this instructor’s strengths as a teacher?

  • “Knowing what he is talking about, the love he has for the Lord, even with Him being sick he gives it all he has and that is amazing you don’t see that anymore and I see him fighting until the end as he says it is inspiring to me and it shows me that I am able to fight whatever comes my way I want to love God and love everything about Him just as our instructor does and more.”
  • “He is a solid man of the Lord and his faith is admirable and inspiring. This semester was difficult but his teaching always put everything back into perspective and reminded us how temporary this earth is. He personifies a child of the Lord who feeds regularly on meat but has kept their childlike faith and love of God.”
  • “Great humor and love for the students, passionate about the material.”
  • “He was always open for others to ask questions and even question the lesson. He always answered in grace and truth.”
  • “Mike is the MAN! Has an enthusiastic and engaging style of teaching that I thoroughly enjoy and his passion for God’s word is evident.”
  • “His vast knowledge of the book of Daniel, and of prophecy in general, is inspiring. He relates this information to us in a way we can easily understand, with simplicity and clarity. He keeps his attitude real and humble and even in the midst of trial and pain, he still remains positive and decided to come out and teach us anyway.”

What areas, if any, would you encourage this instructor to develop
to strengthen his or her teaching effectiveness?

  • “The teacher was AWESOME!”
  • “He is right on!!!”
  • “Mike is a superhero and needs no adjustments.”
  • “Keep it the same. I loved this class. It was arguably my favorite.”
Spring 2016 Luke Class – Student Evaluation Forms

What two or three things about this course did you like the most?

  • “The teacher did not use big words or over complicate things when teaching. He broke everything down so that the simplest person in the room could understand. I never left class wondering what he meant or what he said. He broke everything clearly and at my level.”
  • “I enjoyed how the teacher taught the book of Luke from a Jewish perspective. I also enjoyed the homework assignments.”
  • “I loved how Mike Madigan engaged with his students. He didn’t treat us like students really, but life brothers and sisters. He made the book of Luke understandable and he put so much application in each chapter that I took.”
  • “The lectures were awesome, the way we went through the scriptures with a Jewish mindset is phenomenal.”
  • “I liked the pace of the class and the liveliness of the teacher.”
  • “I liked the teacher a lot, he was great w/ mixing the class with in-depth teaching & humor.“
  • “This course was a great one! “

What areas, if any, have caused difficulties in this course and need to be improved? Do you have any suggestions for improving them?

  • “My best class overall.”
  • “There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this class.”
  • “I can’t think of much, but I honestly wish it was a three-hour class and not two.”
  • “I have no suggestions, the class was great!”
  • “I can’t think of any. He loves to teach. It shows in how he interacts with students. I wouldn’t want him to change anything.”

What do you consider to be this instructor’s strengths as a teacher?

  • “The ability to simply teach the Bible simply.”
  • “He has nice jeans for an old man”
  • “He is very energetic in his teaching, which is surprising considering he was my oldest teacher and showed more energy then most of the others.”
  • “Mike is so much fun and not afraid to be himself. I appreciate that he does not feel the need to pretend to be anything to teach the Bible.”
  • “He cares for his students, he makes sure that we learn.”
  • “His fear of the Lord.”
  • “Mike is a really engaging teacher and never fails to make the class laugh!”
  • “Mike made the scriptures come alive and he taught with a very down to earth attitude”
  • “He does so much outside research so you know that what he is saying is legit and he always backs it up with the word of God. Also, it is great having someone with so much energy be teaching because it is a night class and it can get exhausting at times.”
  • “Mike was my favorite teacher so far being at ccbc.”
  • “I think the biggest thing about him that I admired was his humility.”
  • “His strengths would definitely be his teaching and care for people. He is amazing. He definitely loves the Lord with all his heart. He is still moved by the word of God.”
Spring 2015 1&2 Chronicles Class – Student Evaluation Forms

Please share any additional comments you have about the Instructor:

  • “Super grateful for this class and for Mike. Enjoyed the class discussions :)”
  • “I thank him for his love for us even though it was a small class. It truly blesses me that he wanted for us to open up and learn something new. I’m so glad he was my teacher. I really liked his informational yet personal teaching.”
  • “Mike is a solid man of God and I am very glad that he taught this class. He has loads of experience in the ministry and brought that to us. I appreciate his modesty and his obvious dependence on the Lord. He is an excellent example of what a man of God should look like.”
  • “Pastor Madigan was a pleasure to listen to. His outlook on the gospel and the Word is so *real* It changed a lot of my outlook on how I approach a lot of stuff. I always left the class with something to think about and I always came out praising Christ. Mike always pointed to Christ. Mike is an encouragement to me to be an arrow pointing to Christ not me.”
  • “I love Mike. He is a very down to earth fellow. He’s just a real guy. He doesn’t try to be super pious and holy, he just sees things and tells them like they are.”
  • “Probably my favorite teacher.”
  • “Mike did a great job teaching these intense books. I really appreciated the time he put into our class.”

When we reflect back on Pastor Mike’s legacy, it is without a doubt that he will be remembered by his deep love for the Lord, the Scriptures, and faithfully teaching the next generation. His simple humility and love for the Lord made him a bright light to all that he came into contact with. We rejoice in knowing that his bright light affected so many during his time here on earth. As we remember Pastor Mike’s life, may we be encouraged to keep seeking Jesus in all that we do so that we too will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” as we enter into eternity.

In John 11:25-26, Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”