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“To know God and equip His servants.”

At Calvary Chapel Bible College, it is our passion to train followers of God how to live out a life that is built on a foundation of God’s word. Our primary mission here at Calvary Chapel Bible College is for students to establish a confident and solid foundation on God’s word. To be able to, effectively pour out biblical wisdom, not only for the mind to obtain, but to also reach and permanently reside in the hearts of the saints. Most importantly Calvary Chapel Bible College encourages students to have a deeper love for Christ shown through prayer , a strong devotional life, and growth in the body of believers.

This is accomplished by adequately teaching, (in quality and quantity) the breaking down of scriptures, verse by verse. Bringing clarity and understanding of the texts in its totality. Fellowship is of vast importance to CCBC, “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another, (Proverbs 27:17).” Fellowship allows students to share common interests, goals, life experiences, perspectives, to encourage, edify, and uplift one another. Through fellowship students often find themselves growing in knowledge and discovering previously  unnoticed or untouched strengths.

The Lord has given us a great privilege in the property we oversee and we take great responsibility in stewarding that gift. This is done in maintaining a safe and well taken care of campus. The benefits to the student is a serene learning environment amenities such as hot springs, roman spa, swimming pool and a lake for many opportunities to enjoy fellowship or get alone with the Lord. Other various outdoor activities are available as well such as our volleyball, basketball and tennis courts.

We have the option of graduating with our two year Bible degree, an Associates/ Bachelors of Biblical Studies or students can add an emphasis to their degree such as “Missions and Evangelism”; “Worship”;  “Apologetics” and “Christian leadership”. Our staff sees great value in spending time in prayer for the student body, and knows that this is our greatest tool in seeing the success of our students.