Believer’s Bible Commentary


by William MacDonald

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All Students upon acceptance into the Distance Learning Program are required to purchase the Believer’s Bible Commentary. This book is a single volume commentary on the entire Bible. It will serve as a reference for all of your Bible classes and will become a staple resource as you work your way through the program. Written for people from every walk of life, the Believer’s Bible Commentary is clear and understandable enough for everyday use turning complicated theology into practical understanding. Yet it also provides plenty of resource material for more advanced students, as well as for preachers, teachers, and writers. Keyed to the New King James Version, but useful with any translation, the Believer’s Bible Commentary will enrich your understanding of Scripture. It is a friendly guide to exploring the deeper meanings of every book, with numerous photographs, maps and charts interspersed throughout. MacDonald tackles the controversial issues head-on, taking a theologically conservative stand, yet presenting alternate views with fairness.