CH301 Church History


Teachers: Jasmine Alnutt & Francisco Gonzalez
Credits: 2
Textbooks: Church History in Plain Language, & Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
Fulfills: Foundations Elective Class


This will be an overview of the major events, doctrines, and people who were used in the development of the Christian Church. For our format, we will be dividing church history into seven distinct time periods and note how they correspond to the descriptions of the seven churches of the book of Revelation. It is in light of this parallel that we will consider the church’s doctrine and practice, as well as the political and social climates that shaped them. 1) To examine the course of church history, giving a time frame in which to view the events recorded from its inception to the present time. 2) To highlight the key players God used in His providential care of His Church, while looking at many of the external and internal threats which came against it. 3) To gain a Biblical perspective of church history by comparison to the Seven Churches in Revelation.