EV301 Evangelism


Teacher: Simon Woodstock
Credits: 2
Textbooks: How to Give Away Your Faith & Tactics
Fulfills: Foundation Elective or Missions and Evangelism Emphasis


This course will focus on the explanation of evangelism as a Christian responsibility and biblical imperative. Different methods and practices of sharing the gospel will be discussed in an effort to equip the student to share the good news of Christ in our current cultural context. The aims of this course will be achieved through integrating lectures from the instructor with textbook and Bible reading. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will: 1.) Deepen in his or her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 2.) Gain an understanding of several different approaches to evangelism. 3.) Be equipped with the skills and tools necessary to effectively share the gospel in our culture. 4.) Develop an understanding and deep appreciation for the Bible’s authoritative teachings concerning evangelism.