MI301 Missions


Teacher: Brian Kelley
Credits: 2
Required Textbook (purchased separately):
Biblical Theology of Missions by Peters and
A missionary biography of your choice (min. 150 pages)
Fulfills: Foundations 2: Missions


This class will focus on the theological and practical elements of mission work. We will study the biblical basis of missions, focusing on the life of Paul in the book of Acts and some of his epistles to learn the principles that ought to be applied practically in our own missionary endeavors. You will get an understanding of the history of missions in the Church, as well as practical modern-day tools to equip you to share your faith in your own communities and around the world.

Students will: understand and apply proven missions methods from the teaching of Scripture and the history of missions in the Church; gain a heart of love for lost people and the motivation to either go into the world as a missionary, or send others who are going; be able to properly understand and balance the call to social justice with the importance of preaching the gospel; and gain the tools necessary to share your faith in different cultural contexts and environments, including international locations and local subculture communities.