NT351 Matthew


Teacher: Jason Duff
Credits: 2
Required Textbook (purchased separately):
The Crossway Classic Commentaries: Matthew by J. C. Ryle
Fulfills: Bible Core 5: Gospels


The Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as the long-awaited King of the Jews. This course will be an exegetical study of the gospel of Matthew with some added emphasis on the authorship, context, and content of Matthew. We will discover why we believe Matthew wrote Matthew, a defense for an early authorship of the book, and what was the political, historical and cultural world of Jesus in the first century that affected the writing of Matthew. We also will examine how the Gospel of Matthew fits in and compliments the rest of the Bible’s story.

By completing this course, you should:
(1) know the historical and cultural background of the book of Matthew,
(2) understand the reasons to believe in early Matthew authorship,
(3) understand the content and structure of the book of Matthew, and
(4) demonstrate the ability to explain the message and significance of this book to others in appropriate ways.