NT353 Luke


Teacher: Joel Wingo
Credits: 3
Required Textbooks (purchased separately):
Recovering the Real Lost Gospel: Reclaiming the Gospel as Good News by Dr. Darrell Bock
Fulfills: Bible Core 5: Gospels


The story of Jesus Christ is the most important and most captivating story in all of history. In this course, you will study this story as told by Luke in his Gospel. The course will focus on the time, place, circumstances, and people involved in the events of our Lord’s time on earth, and students will attempt to grasp a fuller and deeper understanding of Christ’s works and words, especially in light of Old Testament history and prophecy. The ultimate goal of this course is that Jesus Christ will impact your life as He did those first generation followers, leading you to love, worship, and serve Him as you serve others. https://vimeo.com/album/3306040/video/122380707