NT354 John


Teacher: Brad Lambert
Credits: 3
Required Textbook (purchased separately):
John, Moody Gospel Commentary
Fulfills: Bible Core 5: Gospels


The Gospel of John has long fascinated the cleverest exegetes by its simple writing style and deep Christological content. The book has long been recognized as the unique fourth gospel that offers a portrait of Jesus Christ like no other book of the Bible. Though Matthew presents Christ as the King of the Jews, Mark as the Servant to the Romans, Luke presents Him as the perfect Man to the Greeks; John offers a fresh picture of Christ as the divine Son of God to the whole world. Throughout the book, John will articulate his case through a selective and deliberate writing style that consists of extended discourses, private conversations, and detailed geography, the enumerating of crucial witnesses, in a climactic and thought-provoking way.