NT357 1 Corinthians


Teacher: Bill Welsh
Credits: 3
Textbooks: Be Wise & The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Fulfills: General Elective


The Book of 1 Corinthians will be approached in a verse-by-verse exposition which will provide an extraordinary glimpse into the first-century local church, unlike Ephesians which addresses the universal church. Paul will address several issues concerning the worldly influence on the body of believers in Corinth. Church unity was an issue which needed correction since various cliques and sectarian groups were forming (1:11-13), marital issues (7:1, 25), liberty and responsibility (8:1), spiritual gifts and church order (12:1, 14), and the resurrection (15). 1 Corinthians is an indispensable book for Christians who desire to sharpen their practical skills in the local church and grasp the truths of the growing body of believers.