NT399 I & II Peter


Teacher: Chaz Celaya
Credits: 2
Textbooks: Exploring the Epistles of Peter
Fulfills: General Elective


This course will be a verse-by-verse study and exposition on the contents of First and Second Peter. The main topics that will be covered in this book, as pertaining to the natural flow of the text are: 1) Learning and experiencing the grace of God which enables us to not only live for God, but also to be submissive and suffer for His glory; 2) gaining a knowledge of God, through the Living Word of God which has been made available to us; 3) that by the knowledge of God we may be able to discern between true doctrine and “destructive heresies”; 4) knowing that God is not slack concerning His promises and that His return for His church is imminent; 5) finally, that we may be steadfast in our perseverance, as we come into a greater knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The goal of this course is that you as a student may 1) grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ, deepening your personal and intimate relationship with Him; 2) that you would gain an academic understanding of the books of I & II Peter, gaining the ability to reciprocate the information that is in the book for the purpose of disciplining others in their spiritual growth as Christians (Matthew 28:19-20).